This gap is the entrance, and can only allow a person who is not too fat to slip through sideways. Fortunately, none of the three of Hull and the others are fat. This narrow passage under the water is actually quite long. It takes at least seven or eight meters to reach the end. The end looks like a well, and there is also a ladder on one side of the well wall that leads directly to the top.
This time Fikelen was still at the front, but before he came out of the water, he heard a soft click, and the muzzle of a black hole flashed with a cold light, and it was aimed under the flickering light. he.
“Don’t be nervous, I’m not a police officer.” In order to avoid misunderstanding, Ficklen raised his hand with his palm facing the other person to prove that he had no weapon.
“I’m Maddie Fiquelon, many of you should know me.”
“Linsi, put down the gun. They were brought in by old Barney, they shouldn’t be spies.” A feeble voice came from the corner.
/The man holding the gun was obedient and immediately moved the muzzle away from Fiklen’s body, but did not close the hammer or take his finger off the trigger, as if he would shoot if Fiklen made the slightest movement. appearance.
Following Fiklen, Hel and Maz left the water in sequence.
Close to the light, you can vaguely see that this is a long and narrow secret room, with several printing presses leaning against one wall, and the air is full of the smell of ink. There were many papers on the ground on the other side, and two people were lying on them. The one who spoke had his back against the wall and was covering his abdomen with his right hand. The other person lying on the ground was more seriously injured, and two people squatting on the left and right next to him were providing emergency care.
“Need help?” Hull asked, rolling up his sleeves.
But the answer was a gun barrel pointed at him.
The person holding the gun was a girl, wearing a loose men’s coat and a peaked cap on her head. For some reason, Hull thought this girl looked familiar.
“We just want to help.” Ficklen quickly stood up and said, “If we don’t get treatment quickly, he will die.” He turned his head and leaned into Hel’s ear and asked softly: “Are you sure?”
/“Although I don’t know magic, I can use suspended animation to prevent his injuries from getting worse. But whether I can save his life depends on where he is injured?” Hull said. These words were meant for those on the opposite side, so he deliberately raised his voice.
“Shh, be gentle, don’t call the police.” Maz quickly stopped him.
“You guys come up first.” The wounded man sitting against the wall said, “Linsi, put the gun away! If it goes off, it will expose everyone’s whereabouts, not to mention.” He glanced at Hull and his group. : “If you are discovered here, it will be useless even if you have a gun.”
This man was obviously the leader, and his words were very powerful. The girl obediently put the gun back.
Coming out of the pool, Hull walked to the side of the seriously injured man, pushed away the guy squatting on the rig