l dawn.

Knowing is one thing, but how to get out of trouble is another. The inner struggle directly affected his command.
In fact, the battle is going on now, whether there is a commander or not. Anyway, the entire battlefield was in chaos, and the formation had long since ceased to exist.
Affected by the waves, the magic crystal cannon accidentally damaged one’s own warship, which happened more than once. However, they still dare not let the artillery fire stop. This is the last spiritual sustenance of the soldiers.
“Send the order, the entire army disperses and breaks out!”
After struggling hard, Moses ordered helplessly.
A warship can run away, but if it stays in place, it will only be slowly worn to death by the enemy. The ghost ship’s location could not be found, and it was impossible to launch a counterattack.
It’s not that he is incompetent, it’s that the enemy is too cunning. Whose ghost ship comes out to rob, but only the ghost can be seen but not the ship?
The nearby officer tried to persuade, but finally kept his mouth shut. After issuing this order, Moses will definitely be in bad luck when he is held accountable in the future.
But if we don’t carry out a dispersed breakout, we won’t be able to pass this level tonight, so how can we talk about the future?
/Among the clouds, a man, a dragon and a bear were watching the battle. They were holding magic shields and constantly commenting on the battle below.
Even if he didn’t have dinner, he was forgotten by Hudson. Food can be eaten at any time, but such exciting battles are not encountered every day.
/“No, the enemy is trying to escape!”
Seeing warships constantly moving away from their original positions, Hudson immediately realized something was wrong.
It’s just that the Holy See’s fleet is too numerous. Even if the battle lasts for several hours, there are still many warships on the sea.
By staying where you are and fighting, you can slowly wear down your enemies and grind them to death in this sea area.
At this moment, the enemies were fleeing in all directions. Even if Hudson went down personally, it would be impossible to leave all the enemies behind.
After thinking for a while, Hudson immediately ordered: “You give the Ghost King an order not to worry about those small warships, but first keep all the enemy’s capital ships.
Bear Stearns, you are flexible enough to secretly find opportunities to help the ghosts, but remember not to reveal your identity. ”
Maxim was not allowed to take action. On the one hand, he needed the dragon to protect him, and on the other hand, he was uneasy.
When it comes to sap skills, Bear Stearns is a professional, but Maxim has just started.
Once the tossing gets high, Hudson can’t guarantee that his stupid dragon can control the dragon’s flamboyant nature.
If you are not sure of silencing all your enemies, if your identity is exposed, you will be setting yourself up for trouble.
The kingdom can indeed withstand thunder, but the prerequisite is that it cannot draw hatred too deep.
What if he really mad