ith flesh and blood, it is no wonder that the Eastern Warhammer Kingdom collapsed so quickly.

If the number of giants increases, the pattern of the Aslant continent may change accordingly.
As far as he knew, the giants in front of him, who were more than ten meters tall, could only be regarded as average among the giants.
Judging from the intelligence collected by the principality, the largest giant currently on the battlefield is more than thirty meters tall.
When a player of this level appears on the battlefield, he is a real killer.
“As expected of a race that can contend with a giant dragon!”
Raquel couldn’t help but sigh.
This statement is an exaggeration. Giants who can compete with dragons do exist, but they are the legendary Titans.
They are casually fifty or sixty meters tall, and their bodies can even exceed a hundred meters. These perverts are players of the same level as the giant dragons.
As if cursed, the powerful Titans had become extinct in ancient times.
The remaining bloodline is passed down among the giant clan. Occasionally, if luck comes, it may be able to awaken, but these are all short-lived.
Compared with the human race, ordinary giants are still powerful, but their numbers have made them withdraw from the mainland stage.
Seeing the decline of the Warhammer Kingdom, and having rested and recuperated for hundreds of years, the giant clan, whose territory resources could no longer meet the needs of racial development, joined forces with a group of ancient relics to fight back.
“Catum, calm down and don’t forget our mission!”
The eight-clawed monster scolded.
Holt was helpless when he met this impulsive partner. But there is no way. The multi-clawed tribe and the giant tribe have been hugging each other for warmth for many years.
If the giant family typically only grows muscles and no brains, then their multi-clawed family is the other extreme.
Under the pressure of survival, two races with complementary talents naturally came together.
In fact, the giant family is not completely brainless. It’s just that there are only a few giants with brains, and most of them are impulsive.
The Polyclaws are not just weaklings, but compared to the ancient remnants of the ice and snow world, the overall strength of the race is relatively weak. For example, Holt is a strong person.
It’s very easy to judge their strength, just count their claws. One claw represents the first level, and eight claws represents the eighth level.
As the vanguard, their mission was not to attack the city, but to draw out the human army in the city, or to intimidate them into leaving.
There is no doubt that this mission must have failed. Thinking of this, Holt was very angry. Since he partnered with Catmull, except for successfully scaring off the enemy twice, all the remaining missions ended in failure.
/The Ancient Relics Alliance was able to unite, so it naturally formulated corresponding regulations to restrict everyone’s behavior.
For example, the distribution of territory after the war that everyone is most