one sentence:

“We will not hold each other accountable for things in the past; for things in the future, everyone will go their separate ways, and no one should interfere with anyone else.”
With such an agreement, whether the Alpha Kingdom will suffer or take advantage, Hudson, who has limited information, cannot make an accurate judgment for the time being.
The only thing that is certain is that the two major forces will not start fighting in the near future, the peaceful years of the Alpha Kingdom can continue, and there is still time for farming in the Mountain Territory.
Another major event is further back than Hudson’s life, but its impact is the most practical.
Prince Alex, under the public’s expectation, ascended to the throne of the Behemoth Imperial Court.
It is really what everyone expected. In addition to the fierce opposition within the Behemoth Imperial Court, everyone from the Orc Empire to the entire Alpha Kingdom is singing praises for this.
Alex was the first Crown Prince to have such a strong appeal before taking the throne.
It is a good thing for all parties, including the Mountain Territory, that the Behemoth Imperial Court welcomes a debauched crown prince.
At the very least, it is certain that after this person becomes Crown Prince Beamon, the balance of power between the warring faction and the peace faction within the Orc Empire will not be reversed.
“Crown Prince” not only means the heir, but also has great power and influence in the imperial court. If a young and powerful war-minded crown prince is replaced, the Behemoth Imperial Court may change from an anti-war faction to an anti-war faction. Became the main war faction.
The current situation is undoubtedly the best. The elderly Emperor Beamon is unable to lead an army on an expedition, and Crown Prince Alex, who is also in poor health, is also not able to lead an army.
/Neither of the two imperial court bosses were suitable to lead an army, and the others were not of sufficient status to compete with the four imperial courts for leadership.
To start a war is to hand over the dominance of the Orc Empire. Driven by interests, it is difficult for the Behemoth Imperial Court to resist the war.
No matter how many years these two guys can persist, it is a rare farming time for Hudson.
It’s embarrassing. One of these two old guys is over three hundred years old, and the other is almost two hundred years old. Judging from their age, their longevity seems inappropriate.
In short, Master Hudson now needs them all alive to maintain the current structure of the Orc Empire. It would be best to live for more than ten or twenty years at a stretch, extending the peaceful years until all the mountain territory is developed.
Against the background of two major events, it was nothing at all for a group of orc slaves to go south.
Although he had never seen what an orc looked like and wanted to see it, Hudson, who was rational, finally held back.
The relationship with the Northern Xinjiang nobles was already very ordinary, and it was very ru