y didn’t we tell it earlier?

If he had known that there would be problems in July, he would definitely not have invited them over.
Missing a July meeting will reduce the success rate by a few percentage points at most; adding a July meeting will directly ruin all hopes.
“Ghost, what does your intelligence department do for food?
Why not report it beforehand? ”
Facing the boss’s questioning, the ghost in charge of intelligence was also full of grievances.
How could such a complicated issue be investigated clearly in a short time?
The survey results given now are only a very small part of the information collected, and most of them are based on inferences from the results.
How far the investigation conclusion differs from the truth, Ghost himself can’t figure out.
Being able to come up with a conclusion so quickly is just for the sake of communication. The only difference is that the answer he gave seemed so true that it made people think that the intelligence agency was aware of it in advance.
“Master, the scope of activities of our intelligence department has been limited to the Kingdom of Hesse, and we are simply unable to extend our tentacles to the Kingdom of Alpha.
/The current information is mainly based on the analysis of intelligence provided by the Skull and Bones Society.
Before this, there was no evidence to prove that the July Society was connected with the top leaders of the Alpha Kingdom, and the political slogans they proposed were hated by all nobles.
If it hadn’t been for this exposure, I’m afraid no one would have believed that the owner behind the July Meeting might be the royal family or the Koslow family. ”
The ghost hurriedly explained.
He didn’t dare to take the blame. Once he accepted it, all responsibility for the failure of the operation would fall on his head.
According to the tradition of the Nether Sect, if one commits such a big sin, the final outcome can only be to be unable to survive or die.
“So many resources have been invested in teaching, but if you can’t even handle this little thing, you are really incompetent!”
Facing his boss’s endless scolding, Ghost secretly breathed a sigh of relief.
It’s good if he can stand here and get scolded. The more scolding he gets, the safer he is. If you really wanted him to take the blame, there would be no chance of being scolded here.
/Being in a cult organization, as long as it doesn’t endanger your life and being used as a punching bag by the boss and getting scolded, it’s a minor problem.
Perhaps because he was tired of scolding, or perhaps because he realized that scolding could not solve the problem, the Lord of Darkness gradually calmed down.
“If that bastard from Hudson dares to ruin our business, if there is a chance later, I will cut him into pieces!
The previous actions have exposed a lot of things. The enemy can pick out our people by following the clues.
Now the holy religion has no choice but to fire its arrow.
If you can’t count on your allies, you can only rely on yourself. After