as so tired that he fell asleep sitting down until he was awakened by the sound of footsteps.

He opened his eyes suddenly and subconsciously touched the “Yang Yan Spell” to confirm whether it still existed.
“You’re not in a good condition,” Leonard asked as he entered the church.
Klein rubbed his forehead, stood up and said with a smile:
“Because we’re getting close to our limit.”
He took out his silver pocket watch, opened it, took a look, and said, “Just in time, it’s your turn to guard Sealed Artifact 30782.”
Before he finished speaking, Klein took off the “Mutated Holy Emblem of the Sun” and handed it to Leonard calmly.
After watching him walk out of the church, Leonard restrained his careless attitude and examined the sealed object “30782” with concentration and seriousness. His expression gradually became confused, revealing obvious confusion.
After taking turns to watch, the three nighthawks set off on their way back.
Before that, they asked Priest Smail to pay attention to the situation in the town at all times, and if anything suspected of being haunted happened again, he would immediately send a telegram to St. Selina Church.
At 7:20 pm, they finally arrived at Zotland Street and handed over the sealed artifact “30782”.
After confirming that the captain found nothing unusual, Klein left the Blackthorn Security Company in a happy mood and returned home before eight o’clock.
He took out the key, opened the door, and suddenly saw a strange figure.
/This is a girl who is obviously less than 20 years old. She is wearing an old gray and white dress and is working hard to clean the restaurant.
She has black hair and brown eyes, small eyes, a nose that is not straight enough, and very ordinary facial features.
Klein was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that this might be a maid who came to try to do housework.
At this time, Benson lowered the newspaper, looked at his brother, smiled and said:
“Companies that don’t let their employees leave on time are always a turn off.”
“But the salary it gives heals the wound,” Klein responded with a smile.
When Miss Justice’s 300 pounds arrives, she will tell Benson and Melissa about the salary increase to 6 pounds per week, so that they don’t have to worry too much about the family’s financial situation. Klein thought as he leaned on his cane and took off his hat. , walked to the living room, lowered his voice and said:
“You have made your choice”
Yesterday, he used the information of the three maids for divination and came to a conclusion that was suitable for them, so he gave the decision-making power to his brother and sister.
“Yes, Bella, with a weekly salary of 5 soles, she is very willing and able to learn cooking. She hopes to become a family cook in the future, in which case her weekly salary will be doubled. Her father works at the Tingen Iron and Steel Combined Plant Worker, mother is a laundress.” Benson chuckled and replied, “Of course, another reason that made Melissa and I make the decision is that the other two maids believe in t