It’s useless to complain. Even if you want to build roads at this time, you won’t have enough time.
The summer flames are so poisonous that the muddy road is almost dry after being exposed to the sun for a day.
As for the potholes on the ground, they can only be repaired along the way. This is how everyone comes here anyway, Moxi is not in a hurry, and he is too lazy to be a villain.
“Legion Commander, a group of Mossi sergeants escorting supplies appeared outside. It is said that they are here to work for the army.
The people of the newly formed Twenty-Third Legion have determined their identities and are now waiting for you to come over and take charge of the overall situation. ”
After hearing what the captain of the guard said, Hudson nodded slightly.
After winning a great victory, how could the Principality of Moxi not show its support?
If you treat the meritorious officials poorly, who will work hard later?
Without much delay, Hudson appeared outside the camp after changing into a military uniform.
Looking at the labor force half-covered in mud, it is impossible not to be moved at all.
Judging from this situation, the labor force must have come in the rain.
The fact that the work can reach this point is enough to prove that the princes and nobles above attach great importance to this war.
The feeling of being taken seriously is always refreshing.
After receiving the labor officials warmly, Hudson also understood the matter of rewards.
What my colleagues expected was pretty much the same, a vacant title, some gold and silver jewelry, and some training resources.
It’s a pity that Hudson is cheating, and ordinary auxiliary resources are of little significance to him.
The real gain was that the Principality of Moxi agreed to equip the Wright County Legion with some magic crossbows.
You don’t need to think about it to know that this is the credit of the second generation.
In the previous battle report, Hudson praised them fiercely, and most of the falsely reported battle achievements were placed on the heads of these second-generation soldiers.
If you receive a benefit, you will naturally give something in return.
Although the manufacturing process of magic crossbow is complicated, it can still be produced by a country.
There is no large-scale equipment, mainly because of cost.
Under normal circumstances, this kind of expensive guy would only be equipped to the main army of the principality’s direct lineage.
If there are excess quotas, it will be the turn of other troops. Every time it appears, there is always a rush.
/The Wright County Legion was able to seize food from a tiger’s mouth. In addition to the impact of military merit, the more important thing was that there were people helping to operate it.
Being able to be remembered by Hudson is not only due to the long-range lethality of the magic crossbow, but also the most important thing is the anti-aircraft capability of this thing.
Adjust the shooting angle and have strong striking ability against air targets. It can be regarded