ake people think wildly, is really disgusting to him.

“It’s not important whether it’s possible or not. The Sith Baron has time to care about these details, so he might as well hurry up and rescue the wounded.
Think about it, with your moral cultivation, even if this unlucky guy has offended you before, he won’t be willing to die without saving you now, right? ”
Hudson retorted unceremoniously.
Since you dared to point the finger at him, no wonder he fought back.
What makes Hudson strange is that he seems to have never offended this person, but as soon as this guy finds out his identity, he becomes very hostile to him.
/Is there a conflict of interest between the two?
It is indeed possible, but it is all potential.
The person in front of me doesn’t look like a fool, does he?
If there may be potential conflicts of interest, we must become enemies. Then everyone in the world will be enemies.
It’s like choosing not to eat or drink if you might choke to death if you eat or if you drink water.
Not knowing the reason didn’t prevent the two from conflicting. Others have handed over knives, but Hudson will not be deterred.
Although the Sith Baron is the most powerful noble among the two counties, if there is a real confrontation, it is not certain who will suffer!
Hudson didn’t think that the nobles of Northern Xinjiang would really listen to his command. Even the retainers and children of the Felix family might not really take his illegitimate son seriously.
/The two fell into a stalemate, and the crowd of onlookers split into two waves. Looking at the eager expressions, it seems that the two of them can have sex here.
Obviously this can’t happen. Fighting on other people’s territory is definitely asking for trouble. As a cautious person like Hudson, he would definitely not choose violence to solve the problem.
The Sith Baron also didn’t dare to take action. As a host, it was just that he couldn’t maintain order. If he led his people to fight with the guests, his reputation would be really bad.
In fact, he regrets it now. Although he suspected that Hudson had colluded with his competitors, the score could be settled later, and there was no need to fall out at this time.
Now the two of them stabbed each other, and no one could get any advantage, and they were even fighting each other.
If they continue to fight like this, the two unlucky guys, who have little to do with this, might get involved.
“Don’t worry, Baron Hudson. In order to avoid accidents, I have already sent for a priest.”
Sith said coldly.
Although this statement is true, it is only half the truth. He had indeed invited the pastor early, but unfortunately the financial backers behind these people were local nobles and did not buy into his account at all.
Finally, I met someone who accepted the invitation, but it turned out that the guy’s ancestors had a feud with the Felix family, so he directly got involved with him. He promised to do well, but no one was seen.
“It’s best to do this naturally. Now that the Sith Baron is ready, we can f