go to the same place again, otherwise something will happen.”

go to the same place again, otherwise something will happen.”
I said, “I understand.”
But after doing this, Zhang Ziang had no intention of leaving. Instead, he let I put the box containing the body away first, and he said: “After talking so much, we haven’t gotten to the point yet.
I asked: “So what is the topic you are talking about? ”
Zhang Ziang said: “I came not for this body, but for another thing. ”
I asked: “What is it? ”
He said: “My mobile phone is at your house and I want to take it back. ” ”
I looked at him, and it took me a while to come back to my senses. I asked him: “Why are you so sure you are at my house?
Zhang Ziang said: “A guess. ” ”
/I looked at him: “But facts often require evidence, and your guess cannot be used as a certain result. ”
Zhang Ziang said: “This is not solving a case. The mobile phone is placed in the drawer of the desk in your room. You only need to open the drawer and take a look to know whether what I said is true or not. After this short conversation, , you already completely distrust me? ”
I didn’t answer him in the end. But I still chose to compromise. I went to the room and opened the drawer, and I saw his mobile phone quietly Lying in the drawer, I took out the phone and returned it to him, but before giving it to him, I called him to confirm. I saw the screen flashing, but there was no sound. The phone was set to silent. In other words
, , earlier, I had been calling Zhang Ziang, but his phone was at my home. After giving him the phone, my question became how did he know that the phone was at my home.
It’s not that I no longer trust him, but I feel that I have no reason to trust him anymore. After all, suddenly, Zhang Ziang became a complete stranger, a person I didn’t understand at all. I just You know, what I saw of him was just a layer of skin, and I never knew what was inside.
I also began to understand that what Fan Zhen said was actually more profound than words.
Zhang Ziang did not say the reason, but said another thing, but I knew it was another hint. He said: “In my first year as a police officer, someone used to follow me home every day. I knew someone was following me. . But I tried all my methods to prevent him from being followed, and I didn’t even know who the other person was. This situation lasted for a year, and then he suddenly disappeared. It wasn’t until the Ma Liyang case happened that I felt this way again. It seems that this person has reappeared in my life. He once called me and said that he would kill me in the most unexpected way.”
I seemed to understand what Zhang Ziang was going to say, but I didn’t seem to understand I understand, and I know that Zhang Ziang has already finished speaking. There is only so much he can say. As for why he doesn’t know why, he has already said it.
After taking the phone, he left. Before he left, he said: “He Yang, thank you for helping me, but you also remember my words.” Zhuang Mozong’s brother.
Finally, he took his cell phone and left. I looked at the cardboard box on the gr