r cleaning, it was filled with incense noodles like a container, just like an incense burner. “

r cleaning, it was filled with incense noodles like a container, just like an incense burner. ”
That’s why I can see smoke coming out of his head. The umbrella covering his head was placed deliberately to prevent the noodles from getting wet from the rain.
Ting Zhong continued: ” The corpse was obviously purposefully put into this posture and appearance, so it should have been made into this kind of time when the bones and bones were stopped from moving at the time of death, until the corpse became stiff and stereotyped. Finally, it was transported to the scene, and the feet were buried in the ground to the knees to fix the body, while holding an umbrella with one hand, it looked like a person kneeling on the ground. If you don’t look closely, you can’t tell anything. At most, it looks like a person kneeling on the roadside smoking a cigarette. ”
I looked at his face. Because his brain had been hollowed out, his eyeballs had also been removed. His eye sockets were dark, which was very scary in this quiet rainy night. I asked: “How about reporting the crime? Do you know what this is like? ”
Ting Zhong said: “After the people from the police station came over, the person who reported the crime had already left, but the phone number of the person who reported the crime was still on the police station’s landline. By then, they could be found by following the phone number. The techniques used in this case are very sophisticated. Captain He, look at the body without any support, but it can stand upright like this. Although the lower legs are buried in the ground, it cannot be done without a certain degree of rigidity. Look This man studied corpses very profoundly. ”
I rolled my eyes at Ting Zhong and said, “For someone who can cut off the head so accurately in the headless corpse case, this thing is nothing to him.”
/Ting Zhong looked at me and said, “You are Are the murderers of this case and the headless corpse case the same?”
Zeng Yipu said: “Don’t you already know, and you have also used this case to successfully suppress Ting Zhong for the first time. Although they still cannot get out of the current predicament, the five of them are still a whole, but at least, He has become a suspect and will not pose a direct threat to you for a long time, right?”
I said: “If they are not the same, they must be related. You are such a smart person, why can’t you be related? This is not like your style. ”
I said this on purpose. I didn’t expect him to have any answer for me. I just gave him a reminder and a warning. There are some things I have seen but didn’t say out loud, including I know how smart he is when he pretends to be stupid.
Tingzhong could also understand what I meant and heard my warning, so he did not continue to answer and just stood aside. I looked at the person in front of me who looked like a stick of incense and said, “This rain is… It started to rain in the evening, and the stiffness of the body indicated that it had been in this shape for more than 24 hours. What does this mean? It means that