also hiding on the fifth floor? This was the hint given to me by Fan Zhen, but I never understood it until just now!

also hiding on the fifth floor? This was the hint given to me by Fan Zhen, but I never understood it until just now!
There were no intruders in the office building at all, and the actions in our room were not caused by others. If I guessed correctly, these were all arranged by Fan Zhen. After all, when I went to the office building, Fan Zhen had already It’s there, she can do it in advance. After all, I have never been in the room before, so I won’t know even if the room is moved.
These were all made up by Fan Zhen to deceive me. When he did such an incredible thing that night, he did not want to catch anyone, nor did he want to contain the murderer. He had only one purpose, which was to start anew. On the night of the rehearsal of the murder of the woman on the fifth floor, he told me the whole process in this way. It was okay that I didn’t understand it at the time, but I didn’t understand it for such a long time. This is the most important thing. Damn it, Fan Zhen was probably very disappointed. He hinted so clearly that I didn’t understand it at all.
After thinking about this, I called Fan Zhen. I felt it was not too late to realize this. Of course, I didn’t call him to ask him anything, but to apologize to him.
After the call is connected. I said: “Captain Fan, I’m sorry.”
He asked on the other end of the phone: “Why are you saying sorry?”
I said: “I never understood.”
He asked me: “Where are you now?”
I said: “I’m at my home.”
/Fan Zhen said, “Since you apologized, it means you understand now, right?”
/I said, “I understand.”
Fan Zhen said: “Actually, understanding means deeper confusion. You yourself careful.”
Fan Zhen hung up the phone after that, not just Fan Zhen. I also spoke very carefully, the conversation between the two of us was like playing charades. But I know that not expressing your feelings is the reason why you can save your life. I finally began to understand why Fan Zhen never said unnecessary words or told us unnecessary clues, because he knew this and could protect himself from being knocked down. Only then can we have the capital to fight back.
I was standing at the elevator door on the fifth floor. After suddenly knowing what happened that night, I felt that it didn’t make much sense for me to come to the fifth floor again, because even if I couldn’t remember anything about that night, I could still remember it through Passing up and down the elevator in the office building, I already knew what happened that night, what I did, and what role my parents played in this matter.
I got into the elevator again. Instead of going back to the office, I went directly to my own home. Although it had become very dangerous and many bad things had happened there, if I wanted to restore what I had experienced that day, I would still It has to start at home. When we got down to the community, I felt it was still early. There was no place to wander around, so I went up. After all, it was still my own home.
When I entered the house, it smelled of abandonment. It had indeed been