370 gold pounds on her and had to go to the bank to withdraw part of her deposit.

After some operations, she saw the 450 pounds in cash disappearing into the “Illusion Door”, and there was an additional recipe in her mind:
“Sequence 8, Master of Magic.”
“Main materials: Soul Eater’s stomach bag, 20 ml of deep sea marlin blood.”
“Auxiliary materials: 5 ml of essential oil made from hornbeam, 10 g of cordgrass powder, one blooming red chestnut flower, and 80 ml of pure water.”
Finally, Forsi was overjoyed and couldn’t help but pace back and forth, full of ambition.
Immediately, she worriedly took out a pen and paper and wrote down the formula to avoid forgetting it and trouble Mr. Fool.
If you can’t meet people who don’t understand the market, the main materials cost at least 300 pounds a piece, and I only have 430 pounds left and I have to work hard to make money. I want to write a new book. Forsi instantly felt that he was full of motivation and no longer It’s the middle-to-late-stage procrastinator from before.
At 7:55 on Wednesday evening, with all his savings in hand, Klein stepped into the house where Mr. “Eye of Wisdom” held a party with quite complicated feelings.
/He was covered in black robes, his face covered by the shadow of his hood, and he also wore an iron mask.
“1,674 pounds in cash and 5 gold coins. This is the new peak of my wealth. I don’t know how much I will have left after this party.” Klein entered the living room with his thoughts full of thoughts and swept through the room with the light of the flickering candle. One lap.
Hey, the pharmacist didn’t come. Something delayed him. Klein frowned slightly and sat down in the same position as last time.
After a few minutes, the old man “Eye of Wisdom” patted his hands and said:
“let’s start.”
Before he could finish his words, someone spoke eagerly. It was the lady who was shrouded tightly and seemed to have the support of craftsmen behind her.
She lowered her voice and said:
“Is that friend who sold the briber’s formula last time here?”
/“I’m here,” Klein replied succinctly.
The lady was obviously relieved, stretched out her hand to push the iron mask and said:
“This time there are extraordinary weapons you need. Of course, you can also choose cash.”
“What kind of extraordinary weapon?” Klein suppressed his inner restlessness.
The lady organized the following words:
“This is a whip woven from the feathers of the sacred sunbird.”
“Normally you could disguise it as a belt.”
“When used, it will cover the pure sacred fire of light. All undead monsters drawn by it will suffer great damage, and the weaker ones will even be directly annihilated.”
“It can also be used to soak liquids to create solar holy water, but this will reduce its spiritual maintenance time, one month at a time.”
“It currently works for thirteen months.”
“If you are willing, I can exchange it for the briber’s formula without any extra money from you.”
The sacred sun bird is not the divine sun bird. If it is the feathers of the latter, I want them. Of course, o