dden in other bookmarks.

Audrey controlled her excitement, and allowed the dining maid to lay out her napkin with longing and pride.
She turned her eyes and looked at Earl Hall, who had a habit of reading newspapers while having breakfast:
“Dad, is there any news worth paying attention to today?”
Earl Hall sighed:
“Fortunately, there were witnesses this time. Someone witnessed the scene where the devil committed the murder. Haha, he was frightened. He kept shouting on the street to kill people and help. Haha, I have to say, His cry for help had a very good effect, and the demon did not catch up.”
“The police used this to locate the suspect and are currently searching intensively.”
Audrey once again drew the crimson moon on her chest and said:
“May their actions be successful.”
“Dad, listening to what you just described, it was really a scary and funny scene.”
“Hopefully that witness doesn’t have nightmares about it later.”
And on the same night, Mr. Fool’s beloved took away the “blasphemous card” from the heavily protected museum without disturbing anyone. Audrey added yearningly in her heart, and filled in some details herself. .
Inside the Kingdom Museum, in the restored study.
“Are you sure that only two bookmarks were stolen?” Max Livermore, the captain of the “Mechanical Heart” team, asked the team members.
While speaking, he secretly glanced at the big man standing in front of the desk with his back to him.
It was an old man wearing a white priest’s robe and a clergyman’s soft hat. He was the head of the Backlund Diocese of the Church of the God of Steam and Machinery, a member of the Pre-Divine Council, Archbishop Horamik Haydn.
This big man is not only a clergyman, but also a very famous scientist and an honorary professor of the Department of Physics at Backlund University.
“Yes, only those two bookmarks were stolen.” The team member who was questioned replied quite firmly.
Max nodded lightly, looked at Horamik Haydn, thought for a while, and asked thoughtfully:
“Your Majesty the Archbishop, after the museum closed yesterday evening, some nobles came to visit. They touched some of the exhibits, including one of the two stolen bookmarks. Do you need to ask them to cooperate with the investigation?”
“I know about this.” Horamik turned around with his hands naturally lowered and said in a calm tone, “I have confirmed that those noble children have nothing to do with the thieves who stole the bookmarks, and there is no need to let them go again. Cooperate with the investigation.”
“Yes, Your Excellency the Archbishop.” Max himself didn’t think there was any problem, not to mention that Archbishop Haydn had enough occult knowledge and various extraordinary skills to confirm.
/Horamik had a very gentle and kind face, and he did not show any anger at this time. He looked around and said:
“And more than one person here last night, at least two, were divided into two opposing parties.”
/“One of them may even have a higher sequence than me, but the other one escaped strangely.”
“Although I can’t