y go to the front line.

We have all fought against orcs, and we all know how powerful the enemy is.
In all previous all-out wars, our Alpha Kingdom has suffered heavy losses.
Despite the joy of the local nobles, they will suffer in the future.
Regarding the issue of grievances, even if there is to be a settlement, it will have to wait until after the war.
The current strength gap is large, but it does not mean that the future strength gap will also be large.
Compared to the local nobles who know almost nothing about orcs, our survival rate in the war is much higher. ”
Viscount Sith tried his best to comfort him.
The imbalance of military power has become a reality. If the local nobles didn’t fight back to find trouble, they were considering the overall situation.
If they take the initiative to cause trouble, they are looking for a beating. Even if you get beaten, it will be in vain.
In order to prevent him, the boss, from appearing incompetent, Sith could only ask everyone to take a longer view and shift their attention to the upcoming war.
War is the best way to turn things around. With the horrific casualty rate in previous wars, even large forces may be overthrown, let alone a group of small nobles.
Unfortunately, everyone present is a smart person, and such soothing words obviously cannot make everyone feel at ease.
On the battlefield, although the local nobles will suffer heavy casualties, it does not mean that they will be able to escape unscathed.
“Viscount Sith, according to past practice, the kingdom recruits mostly armies based on regions.
In this situation, the local nobles will definitely not act together with us.
We alone, even the nobles from the two counties combined, may not be able to form a legion. ”
Baron Kettle reminded.
Conflicts are contradictions, and at times like this, we still need to work together to help each other.
At least before the local nobles accept him, the alliance of children of the northern nobles cannot collapse.
There is no one to cling to for warmth, and it is difficult for a small lord to survive on the battlefield without any roots.
The window paper was pierced, and the matter was brought to light. Viscount Sith, who was originally very taboo about this matter, now had to face it.
/Frankly speaking, deep down in his heart he still regretted it a bit. If he had known earlier that the situation in northern Xinjiang would take a turn for the worse so quickly, he would not have designed to weaken his “allies” in order to compete for dominance.
“If you can’t gather a legion, you have to make it up. The military establishment during war is not static.
A small legion can have only a few thousand people, while a large legion can have tens of thousands. There are no strict requirements per se, but the most commonly used establishment is 10,000 people.
The local nobles in the southeastern provinces have such deep prejudices against us that it will be difficult to change them in a short period of time. If you don’t want to be cannon fodder on the battlefield, yo