body. The golden light spots were the source of the fifth-level soul, with a total of one hundred and eighty-three.

There are as many as twenty-one dark gold legendary souls, including one dark gold demigod soul.
Nowadays, the speed of transforming these soul origins is very fast. With the help of the World Tree in the small world of the soul space, each soul origin is quickly transformed into David’s soul clone.
David looked at the light spots in the soul fortress in his small world of soul space, including twenty-five legendary level soul clones and 473 fifth-level soul clones.
As for the only demigod-level soul clone, he had no intention of staying.
/David took out the body of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’ and used the ‘Immortal Vitality’ skillfully to restore the vitality of the body of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’.
And with the continuous use of ‘Immortal Vitality’, all the injuries of the insect body of the demigod ‘Titan Golden Armor King’ healed quickly.
David put the soul that was originally the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’, which is now David’s demigod soul clone, into the insect body of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’.
/The demigod-level soul clone still retains most of the innate abilities of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’, and after entering the body of the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’, it received feedback from the insect body.
The two insect bodies and souls, which are originally one, are completely integrated into one.
When the demigod ‘Titan King in Golden Armor’ opened his eyes and looked at David, a smile appeared on David’s face.
David’s strength in the Zerg world includes two Zerg god-level clones and two Zerg demigod clones. This time he can add another Zerg god-level clone.
Although the Zerg demigod’s strength is still limited to David, he has two ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Patterns’ in his hand.
As long as the two Zerg god-level clones regain their strength, he can completely hand over the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’ to the hands of the demigod Zerg, and the demigod Zerg will improve their realm.
David has never understood why the Zerg world clearly has the ‘Emperor-level inheritance pattern’ that can help other Zerg cultivation, but there are only a very few Zerg god-level ones.
He wanted to try using the ‘Emperor Level Heritage Pattern’ to enhance the strength of the semi-god-level Zerg to see if he could make it god-level.
In fact, what David doesn’t know is that the god level of the entire Zerg world cannot be increased infinitely. The Zerg world has its own rules.
There is a reason why the number of Zerg god-levels has never been able to exceed ten.
Although the ‘Emperor Level Inheritance Pattern’ can make a weak but physically powerful being grow quickly with its help, after growing to the demigod level, there is an extremely special requirement for being promoted to the god level.
This requirement is the capacity of the Zerg world for the Zerg god level. The development of the Zerg in the Zerg world is dest