o say that after being promoted to Sequence 7 and having the Book of Secrets, I am becoming more and more like a real god above the gray mist. Of course, I am still just an empty shell for the time being.

“Speaking of which, I have performed many times in front of Miss Justice and Mr. Hanged Man, and I fooled them perfectly. Why is there no corresponding spiritual feedback, and the progress of the potion does not speed up? Does it have to be in front of them? In the real world, well, it could also be that the cheers from the audience like them are blocked by the gray fog and cannot directly affect me, just like the Eternal Scorching Sun and the True Creator cannot penetrate the gray fog and find this mysterious space.
“It seems that the reaction between the gray fog and this mysterious space is very mechanical, not agile enough, and lacks wisdom. However, for me, this is actually a good thing.”
/While his thoughts were swirling, Klein embodied the corresponding knowledge into ancient parchment and put it into the crimson star that symbolized the “Magician”.
Forsi’s eyes suddenly filled with endless gray-white mist, and an illusory yellow-brown parchment dropped from the sky.
She saw the knowledge written on it, and her heart suddenly felt at peace.
With Mr. Fool taking action, Mr. Lawrence would definitely not be able to get the correct revelation in the divination. Forsi sincerely expressed his gratitude and was busy preparing for the ceremony.
She has seen a lot of evil spirits harming people, and she doesn’t really trust “The Fool” that much, but the full moon curse makes her have no choice but to rely on him.
No matter how bad it is, it’s just losing my life. Without the help of Mr. Fool, during the last blood moon, I had lost control and turned into a monster. Every day I live, I earn one more day. This is all a gift from Mr. Fool. He You can take it back anytime you want, but it’s best not to take it back. Forsi took a breath and lit the two candles symbolizing the Fool.
The initial steps of this ritual were no different from those she had mastered before, until the candles were lit and essential oils, hydrosols, herbal powders and other items were thrown into the fire.
When the quiet and ethereal fragrance filled the room, and a thin and illusory mist enveloped the entire altar, Forsi quickly adjusted his body and mind according to the content recorded on the “parchment”, entered meditation, and silently recited the corresponding honorary name of “The Fool”. again and again.
Such monotonous and repetitive behavior made Forsi, who was already calm and peaceful due to visualization, slowly enter a state of mental slumber and spiritual divergence. The whole person was confused and strangely awake, and he felt that his spirit was normal. Floating up and down.
This is somewhat similar to the “secret contract” process achieved with the help of external objects, but it is different in many places. This is a technique of spiritualism, used to communicate with higher-level spirits. To the extreme, It can ev