ed, even if you master the correct method to remove the seal, the spirit will dissipate quickly.”

As he spoke, Horamik moved forward step by step, approaching the strange picture frame.
Klein was subconsciously worried and did not dare to watch the specific process of demigods and demigods fighting against the sealed objects. However, he quickly realized that he was just looking at the holographic image provided by the magic mirror Arrods. There was nothing to be afraid of.
It’s very normal, it’s the same instant feeling as watching horror movies and playing dark games. Klein explained to himself, quickened his pace, and followed Horamick Haydn.
The half-god and half-human archbishop quickly walked within the range of the magical item that needed to be sealed. The figure wearing a white priest’s robe and a clergyman’s soft hat was reflected bit by bit on the glass surface of the picture frame.
Horamik’s upper body is completely displayed in the “ghost frame”, but his eyes have not lost their sparkle
He walked towards the frame face to face.
The figure in the frame fluctuates, as if it has been shrinking inward, but cannot succeed.
Horamik stopped, took out a large, almost light-proof black cloth that he had prepared a long time ago, and covered the “ghost frame”.
The frame trembled several times, but was finally completely blocked by the black cloth and returned to calm.
Horamik seemed unaffected as he easily removed the “ghost frame”, wrapped it in black cloth and tied it in a knot at the back.
Isn’t this? Isn’t it mystical science that says that spirits will be sucked into the frame and turned into portraits? Why is there nothing wrong with the Archbishop? Is this special of being a demigod, or is there another reason? Klein was confused for a while, and looked at Hora up and down. Mick Haydn found nothing unusual.
/His eyes were bright, his expression was kind, and he was full of flesh and blood. It was a pity that he was not at the scene. Otherwise, he could have used his spiritual vision to study it. Klein looked back and waited for Ikanser and other members of the “Mechanical Heart” to come over.
Horamik handed the “Ghost Picture Frame” to a team member and walked forward on his own, heading towards the entrance of the main tomb at the end of the corridor.
There is a black stone door full of patterns like knives and axes, with a gray-white disc inlaid in the middle.
The surface of the disk is divided into twelve grids, and there is a black pointer, just like an outside clock.
However, those grids are not evenly distributed on the disk, some are large and some are small, which is extremely uncoordinated, and half of each grid is covered with shadow.
“The coat of arms of the Amon family.” Archbishop Horamik gave a brief introduction.
He did not explain the symbolic meaning of the coat of arms in detail, because only Bernard Ikonser, a deacon, was qualified to know.
Klein relied on his own accumulation of mysticism to try to interpret:
“The combination of the disk, the twelve grids, and the hand