for a full minute and finally came up with the last description:

“The King of Yellow and Black who controls good luck”
This is an approximate free translation of the “God of Blessing and Prosperity”. If it were purely based on it, it would probably go astray and cause unknown dangers. However, with the limitations of the first two, it is possible to enter the gray fog by using similar spells. In the above example, the described object can be completely locked.
Performing ritual magic according to these three paragraphs, Klein doesn’t know whether it will be effective, but he is certain that it will not attract the attention of other beings and will not put Justice and the Hanged Man in danger.
Klein took a long breath and silently recited the incantation he had thought of:
“You are a fool who does not belong to this era. You are the mysterious master above the gray fog. You are the king of yellow and black who controls good luck.”
He nodded invisibly, took out the pocket watch in his pocket, and determined the time.
“It’s two fifty-eight.” Klein stopped thinking about it, put away his pocket watch, and entered meditation. Following the mantras, he took four steps counterclockwise and formed a square.
The most violent noise and the most heart-wrenching scream sounded again, and he felt a headache that was more unbearable than taking the “Soothsayer” potion.
This is different from the severe pain of being penetrated in the head. It is a kind of pain that makes people manic, lose their mind, and make people confused.
Klein controlled himself in a meditative way, trying not to listen.
/Those murmurs and whispers receded like a tide, his body became lighter, his spirit became lighter, and everything became erratic.
Boundless gray fog appeared in his sight, and the crimson stars were far or near, like eyes.
Above the gray mist, the majestic palace like a giant’s residence still stands, as if it has existed here for millions of years.
Klein’s heart just moved, and his figure disappeared from the spot and sat at the top of the long bronze table with twenty-two high-back chairs.
“The effect of the ritual is indeed fixed.” He whispered, tapped his eyebrows, and let the gray mist envelope him, thicker than before. According to the description of “The Hanged Man”, if “justice” becomes the audience, it is best not to change the behavior. The action was revealed in front of her.
There was no time to investigate, so Klein stretched out his right hand to construct an invisible connection to communicate with the two familiar crimson stars.
On the deep blue Sonia Sea, an ancient sailing ship sailed with the wind.
Alger Wilson locked himself in the captain’s cabin and asked the ghost ship to provide the highest level of protection.
/The pocket watch in front of him was spread out, rattling beside the brass sextant, not happy enough, but full of nervousness.
As soon as the hour hand, minute hand, and second hand pointed to the correct position, a crimson ball burst out in front of Alger Wilson’s eyes, ignoring the laye