and then reveal the most vicious, cruel and unforgivable side of Kapin. Reverting it back to the readers of the newspaper, the victims must, of course, remain anonymous.”

He paused and lowered his voice:
“I also have a hidden purpose, or idea, to find out through interviews like this whether those girls and their families have any special friends. Maybe they are the Black Emperor.”
You must have found the right person. Klein almost twitched the corner of his mouth.
He smiled and said to Mike:
“We have already cooperated on matters in the East End and have enough familiarity and trust that I have no reason to refuse.”
“Happy cooperation,” Mike said with a relaxed expression, “We will start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and the reward will be the same as last time, a total of 10 pounds.”
At this time, Dr. Allen, who had been listening, said:
“Sherlock, I also want to hire you, this evening, or after dinner.”
The market has been bullish recently. Klein asked funnyly:
“Would it conflict with Mike’s commission?”
“No.” Allen shook his head, “I have been very lucky recently, which makes me even more suspicious that my previous bad luck was due to that child’s reversed Wheel of Fortune card and his words. I am very confused about this. Troubled, I can be said to be very good to him and have great kindness. Why would he treat me like this? I want to visit him at his house to confirm that he is unintentional. However, I am always afraid of similar things and what will happen. It’s an accident, so I want to ask you to protect me, just tonight, so that it won’t conflict with Mike’s commission, how about?”
This is exactly what I want to do and challenge the impossible. After doing good things and doing good things, my character has become very good. I have become the Yellow and Black King of Good Luck. Klein was pleasantly surprised and said with a reserved smile:
“No problem, we can talk about remuneration.”
Silver City.
Derrick Berg once again looked at the translucent insect with twelve rings and looked at the legacy of Amon’s clone.
He originally wanted to ask Mr. “Fool” what this was, but considering that he had already troubled this god-like figure once, he shamelessly gave up the plan and prepared to wait until the next Tarot gathering to manifest it again. Ask Mr. “The Hanged Man” and Miss “Justice”.
After hiding the little bug, Derrick suddenly thought of something. It was almost time for the team that followed Elder “Shepherd” Lovia to explore the semi-destroyed Temple of the Fallen Creator. It was not too far away from the Silver City. Far away, it belongs to a direction that has not been explored before.
He decided to take a look and saw that there were many acquaintances inside.
/Seeing the streaks of lightning lighting up the dark sky, Derrick did not directly knock on the doors of a few acquaintances, but walked along the widest avenue to the training ground on the edge of Silver City.
/After each exploration team comes back, they will stay here for a period of time. This is not only con