snake was badly hit and split into two pieces.

What happened? Klein stared for a few seconds and saw no movement. Then he walked out of the bathroom and took out a gold coin from his pocket.
“There is danger in the hotel.
Klein muttered the divination sentence, entered a meditative state, and popped up the gold coin.
A weak but clear voice echoed in the quiet room, and the gold coins rolled down and fell into Klein’s palm.
This time the number is up, indicating negation.
There was no danger. Klein frowned and looked around, then took out a bottle of essential oil that had the effect of repelling insects from his coat on the coat rack.
He sprinkled a circle around him, quickly walked four steps backwards, entered above the gray mist, and made a confirmatory divination.
In about ten seconds, he got the revelation that there was still no danger.
/Returning to the real world, Klein shook his head, put back the gold coins and bottles, put on his coat, pants, and leather boots, sat on the edge of the bed, leaned against the pillow, and treated it with caution.
He still remembered his “divination rules”, especially the one that “divination is not omnipotent”, so even if the answers were very safe, he did not dare to relax and continue sleeping.
This is not to say that he does not believe in the ability of gray fog to block interference, but that there are too many possibilities, and his divination statements may not be accurate or inclusive, leading to interpretation errors.
He already had some guesses about what just happened, that is, the four adventurers in the restaurant did find an abandoned and forgotten ancient temple in the primitive jungle of Simim Island, and harvested wealth or cultural relics, but It also alarmed the corresponding lingering evil spirits, entangled by evil thoughts or curses.
As time passed, Klein suddenly felt some subtle spiritual fluctuations spreading out from the nearby room and quickly blending into the surrounding darkness.
The hidden undercurrent that he was slightly aware of disappeared, and the tranquility of the night returned completely.
Sure enough, he does have extraordinary abilities. This solves the problem. Wait, it will be dawn in an hour or two anyway. What is the problem? There is also a church and the “Punisher” team here. Klein half-closed his eyes and began to meditate.
Bayam, fragrant leaf bar.
Daniz, who was determined to fool the monitors, was holding “Lie Langqi” and drunkenly watching several girls on the boxing ring performing hot and sexy dances.
“Shit, I haven’t lost a piece of clothing in a long time,” he yelled with the other drunkards.
Then, regardless of whether there was a response or not, they laughed at each other, clinked glasses, and drank strong drinks.
“Have you read the newspaper?” A man who was hanging out in the bar late at night let out a long burp and said to his companions.
“Has your brain been gnawed by a donkey? Do you think, do you think I can understand those twisting letters? Storm, I’m only interested in this kind o