hat Klein experienced something similar, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

This made him realize more and more the importance of “it can only be yourself” in the Code of the Faceless Man.
If you don’t keep this in mind and become obsessed with the advantages brought by appearance, you will always look the same, forget about or even reject your past self, and gradually become lost.
Soon, Beilein came over with a white glazed porcelain teacup inlaid with gold pieces, placed it in front of Mr. Dawn Dantès, and said with a smile:
“It still needs to cool down for a while.”
Klein looked down at the cup and said half-jokingly:
“This just allows me to change my mood and treat this cup of black tea more formally.”
His implicit compliments and thanks made Bellein feel better and better, and she felt that M. Dantès was a true gentleman and a good talker.
/He was definitely not a follower of the Lord of Storms. Beilin smoothed her long, slightly curly brown hair, took the initiative to return to the room, and urged her colleagues.
Not long after, she brought a stack of information over, sat on the single sofa next to her and said:
“After screening, there are three suitable housekeepers here. Let me give you a brief introduction first.
As she spoke, Beilin’s brown eyes shone, as if they were hiding two stars, with the unique vitality of a young girl.
Klein nodded gently and said:
“Then why did he leave those two rich men?”
Belin smiled and replied:
“Mr. Asnia is a believer in the goddess of the night, and his political leanings are more conservative. He requires an annual salary of 130 pounds.”
“May the goddess protect him.” Klein tapped four times clockwise on his chest and drew a crimson moon.
Beilin’s eyes lit up and she said:
“Mr. Dantès, you are also a believer of the goddess.”
“Of course.” Klein smiled and nodded without explaining too much.
No wonder it’s so gentle. Beilin secretly praised it and continued to introduce:
“Mr. Riback, 48 years old, once served the Negan family, serving as deputy butler and housekeeper’s assistant for a long time. Later, in a transaction, he became the butler of Baron Sindras.
“Not long after Duke Negan was assassinated, Mr. Riback, whose service years had expired, failed to get a new contract from Mr. Baron and had to seek help from our association.
“He is a light believer in the Lord of Storms. He has no problems with his character. His political leanings are also Conservative. His salary requirement is 120 pounds.”
Klein listened quietly, nodding in agreement from time to time, without interrupting Beilin’s story.
Beilin flipped the paper, looked at it a few times, and said again:
“He is a believer in the goddess of the night, and his political leaning is the New Party.”
The new governor of Olavi Island is a member of Viscount Conard’s family. Their family is a loyal supporter of the royal family. Corresponding information flashed through Klein’s mind quickly.
After the introduction, Beilin handed over the stack of information and said:
“Mr. Dantès, which one