accident occurs, the loss will be even greater. Unless it’s true love, everyone will think twice before taking action.

But the risk only belongs to ordinary humans. Creatures like ghost ships have always been other people’s risks.
In the Orc Prairie, after a round of killings, the royal competition has reached a critical moment.
“Three of you, we can’t continue like this!
The scale of the war is getting bigger and bigger, and countless small and medium-sized races that are not qualified to participate in the competition are now involved.
In just half a year, millions of orcs died in internal fighting.
These are the vitality of the empire. If we don’t take measures and let them carry out genocide, I am afraid that many races will disappear from the continent.
For the future of the empire, I propose that we all jointly issue an announcement: royal competitions are prohibited from involving other unrelated races, and races that are not participating in the competition are also prohibited from appearing on the battlefield! ”
Silver Moon Wolf Emperor said worriedly.
The original plan was to use the position of the royal family to force the powerful races to kill each other and consolidate their royal status.
I never expected that the situation would change in the blink of an eye. The competing races that were supposed to be fighting each other to the death have all started forming cliques.
Many times when two competing races go to war, the nearby neutral race is wiped out while fighting.
/It might have been an accident once or twice, but when it happened too many times, the Silver Moon Wolf Emperor realized that something was wrong.
This is not fighting each other, it is clearly taking the opportunity to expand their strength and deliberately putting on a show for the four royal families.
Realizing the problem, he looked back and found that the Silver Moon Wolf Emperor had no choice but to find that his family seemed to be unable to interfere.
The various clans that form cliques are not as comprehensive as the royal family, but they are not soft persimmons who can do whatever they want.
There is no doubt that this kind of private collusion is something that the four royal families will never tolerate.
I completely agree with the Wolf King’s proposal. These races are really too rampant. If we don’t take action, they will almost forget who is the master of the prairie.
It is not enough to issue an announcement, you must also add fire to them and make them really fight with each other.
I propose to hold a royal competition conference. All races participating in the competition can sign up. The competition method is a legion battle.
Designate an area and let the participating races send elite legions into it to hunt down opponents. Whichever race has the highest record will become the new royal family! ”
The Yingren Emperor said indifferently.
Among the four royal families, they have the lowest force value. If all races with the ability to fly had not been destroyed by them, their status would not