can agree.

I’ve tried my best for your sake. All your colleagues in Northern Xinjiang have a large backlog of slaves, and it is impossible for them to accept your offer. ”
Baron Sith said coldly.
If it weren’t for the wrong situation, he would have wanted to kill the annoying guy in front of him immediately. Compared with this guy, he suddenly felt that “Hudson” who was hostile to him was as cute as a little white rabbit.
“Among the more than 60,000 gold coins, there are more than 50,000 arrears, and these must be resolved.
The high-quality slaves among this batch of slaves who can be sold can probably get back 10,000 gold coins, and the funding gap is still as huge as 40,000 gold coins.
I can probably borrow 10,000 gold coins from my relatives, friends and family in the North, and my family can also lend me 10,000 gold coins.
A group of colleagues also lent me thousands of gold coins. The weapons, equipment, and war horses in my hands can still be cashed in for several thousand gold coins. Now I only need 10,000 gold coins to tide over this difficulty.
So I hope you can be generous and lend me 10,000 gold coins to help me tide over this difficulty. ”
Baron Kettle said sincerely.
The number of holes dropped from 50,000 to 10,000, and the Sith Baron looked much better. But whether he should lend the money or not was still weighing in his mind.
His intuition told him that things would definitely not be that simple. If in normal times, Baron Keterai asked to borrow money, he would most likely be able to borrow it from relatives and friends.
But it’s different now. Everyone knows that he lost a lot of money. Before borrowing money, one must first consider his ability to repay.
What if you know you can’t fill the hole and just take the money and run away?
Similar things have not happened in the Aslant continent. If this happens, everyone can only admit that they are unlucky, and they can only think about pursuing cross-border debt collection.
“If I don’t agree, do you want to lead someone to rob the caravan?”
The Sith Baron asked uncertainly.
Going out to rob when you have no money is perfectly normal for the nobles of the North. Other times, the Sith Baron wouldn’t mind his own business.
But it doesn’t work now. Before Dadil City’s reputation has been established, big news comes out that merchants were robbed, and the rest of the story cannot be told.
“If it really comes to that point, there’s nothing I can do about it.”
Baron Kettle spread his hands and directly admitted that he had that plan.
With the gold coins he had extorted, Catley knew that he had offended the Sith Baron to death, and it would be difficult for everyone to maintain even superficial friendship in the future.
“Get the car ready, let’s go visit Baron Hudson.”
“Caitley, I’m afraid it’s not good to go there now, isn’t it?”
/Knight Holman said worriedly.
It was really unethical to go visit his enemy just after receiving money from the Sith Baron on his own territory.
“If I don’t find him, what will happen to these slaves in