danger outside. All dangers originate from there. All the people who disappear will reappear under the red moon.”

Before he finished speaking, the crimson moonlight that penetrated the curtains suddenly became extremely dim.
When the crimson moonlight suddenly dimmed, a corresponding thought suddenly appeared in Klein’s mind:
“The red moon is covered by fog again”
/As soon as his thoughts came to his mind, the vaguely visible figures coming and going outside the dark curtains all disappeared, as if evaporating, and the roaring sounds of those beasts also stopped abruptly.
The environment here has returned to its previous state. “Despair Witch” Panatia can move normally again. Mr. A no longer needs to worry about the dangers outside. He can attack wildly and hunt prey. Klein made an instant judgment and raised his right index finger. There was a snap that ignited the leaves of a tree dozens of meters away.
He wanted to distance himself from Mr. A to avoid further infection of the disease, and at the same time decided whether to risk entering the ancient church depending on the situation.
Regarding the current situation, Klein has already made a preliminary plan, which is to try to use Mr. A, who has various abilities and great strength, to divert the attention of Panatia, the terrifying witch. Anyway, for the latter, “Shepherd” and There is no essential difference in meat quality between “Secret Puppet Masters”, both can fill the stomach, and whoever is easier to catch will be dealt with first.
When the time comes, a battle will inevitably break out between the two, and Klein will look for opportunities to “snipe” Panatia
Just as the red fire surged up and enveloped Klein’s figure, he saw Mr. A turn into a shadow again, blending into the surrounding environment, and disappeared somewhere.
Run away. Aren’t you the crazy Mr. A? Shouldn’t you continue to chase the prey? Why did you run away? Klein’s eyes were sharp and he couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth.
His figure disappeared in the flames and appeared in the firelight dozens of meters away.
As soon as Klein jumped out of the flames, his forehead was hot again, his lungs became heavy, and his breathing became sharp and difficult.
The plague of “Despair Witch” Panatia spreads
In Klein’s eyes, this bright girl wearing a pure white robe was floating in the air at some point, walking towards him step by step.
Under Panatia’s feet were countless transparent thin threads, connected to the surrounding houses and trees, covering half of the street.
The strong sense of hunger in the eyes of this semi-god-level witch has receded, and there is no longer obvious blood redness. Her eyes look at Gehrman Sparrow with a bit of madness and teasing, as if to make the other party lose resistance little by little. The ability to experience the deepest, deepest and most painful despair.
Klein suppressed his cough and snapped his fingers again, causing a tree near the steeple church to burst into red flames.
His figure was immediately covered by