riately based on the performance of each dragon!” David replied with a smile.

Now under the protection of David, the number of the spirit tribe has greatly increased, and the production of spiritual objects is even more amazing.
David’s space pendant stores a large number of spiritual fruits, but they cannot be put into the divine world, which will cause chaos to the cultivation system of the divine world.
/Previously, only hundreds of spiritual objects were given to create hundreds of fifth-level Templars. At that time, the consideration was to give the Supreme Council the confidence to confront the five major temples.
“Lord Dragon King, Golden Dragon Alfred will die for you!” Golden Dragon Alfred said solemnly.
Although David became the Dragon King and had the authority to order the Golden Dragon Alfred to do things, it was only now that the Golden Dragon Alfred truly recognized David’s identity as the Dragon King.
Look at what David, the Dragon King, did after he took over, providing the best hatching conditions for the twenty-one dragon eggs, allowing all god-level dragons to heal their injuries and restore their lifespan, and have abundant training resources.
“Golden Dragon Alfred, I accept your allegiance!” David said in a deep voice.
/“With these ‘immortal vitality’ and cultivation resources, give us ten days, and we can regain our combat effectiveness and fight for you at any time!” Golden Dragon Alfred promised in a deep voice.
“The main task of the dragon clan in the future is to protect our home planet. If necessary, I need you to fight for me!” David also explained the responsibilities of the dragon clan.
David doesn’t need the giant dragon clan to do much. Now that the giant dragon clan is one of his forces, all he needs is the intimidation of the giant dragon clan.
He has fifteen god-level combat powers, and he could suppress the Zerg world and the divine world before. After the dragon clan joined his force, he relied on twenty-three god-level combat powers to control the Zerg world and the god world. All the gods and gods in the big world unite, and he can win the battle.
With this kind of strength, what David has to do mainly is to intimidate, not to fight.
Nowadays, both the Interstellar Federation and the Zerg world are stable, and only the divine world has many gods, so trouble may arise.
David went to do his own thing, and the golden dragon Alfred summoned the two dragon gods and five god-level dragons.
The other god-level dragons just saw that Golden Dragon Alfred was loyal to the Dragon King and were a little confused. With the pride of Golden Dragon Alfred, even if David became the Dragon King, his own strength was not enough to let the Golden Dragon Alfred’s allegiance.
But when they saw the resources allocated by Golden Dragon Alfred, they all understood why Golden Dragon Alfred was loyal.
Such a Dragon King has never appeared in the history of the dragon clan.
In the past, the Dragon King required the dragons to contribute to the Dragon King. There was never a Dragon King to