with her blond hair tied up in a bun, smiled sweetly, stretched out her palm and said:

“You are an irresistible gentleman.”
This was a bit ambiguous. Her identity and the role she played in social situations determined that she could not be as reserved as most young ladies and ladies. Klein pulled him onto the dance floor and danced to music with a country feel.
The nobles owned land, manors, and castles in the countryside, and lived there for several months every year. Therefore, country music was one of the mainstream in the social scene of the upper class.
“You dance very well. If Vahana hadn’t mentioned it, I wouldn’t have believed you couldn’t dance before.” Oluoli deliberately kept the two of them very close, and her breathing could be heard as she moved with the dance steps.
Because the other party was a stranger, Klein was a little uncomfortable with this kind of distance, but he couldn’t push the lady away under everyone’s gaze, so he could only smile and said:
“I just don’t know how to dance like this.
“Actually, I’m pretty good at the more casual dances in Dixi Bay and the Southern Continent.”
“I also like those dances very much, they are powerful, passionate, dance for yourself, not others.” O’Lolie looked for a topic, twisted her body, and appeared to be very close to Dwayne Dantès.
Near the end of the opening dance, she suddenly lowered her voice and laughed:
/“If I hadn’t heard some rumors, I would have thought you didn’t like women, and I felt a bit stiff.
“However, I don’t doubt it now.”
As she spoke, she glanced down.
Klein was actually quite embarrassed inside. The other party was really good at using body and language to create an ambiguous atmosphere, but Dwayne Dantès was an experienced person and could never give in on the outside.
He smiled naturally:
“The stiffness is because I haven’t adapted to Backlund’s social scene yet.”
“I can teach you.” Olori chuckled.
At this time, when the music ended, she took a step back, blinked and smiled:
“You’re really enthusiastic.”
This was a pun, which almost made Klein blush with embarrassment, and he really began to wonder if the other party had something to do with the witch.
Klein immediately moved his eyes away from Ms. Velma Gladys and looked at the carrot cake, cream muffins and other desserts next to them, as well as the roasted chicken, stewed lamb, fried rib-eye steak, etc. not far away from them. Disi’s specialty grilled fish and other food.
As a host, he cannot miss the first three dances, so he can only allow himself to temporarily forget about hunger and the delicious food over there.
At this time, Velma Gladys, whose belly was very obvious, walked to the place where the cups of ice cream were placed, stretched out her hand, and then retracted it.
Velma Gladys shook her head seriously and said:
“No, I don’t want to eat it, I’m a pregnant woman and it’s not good to eat ice cream.
“However, the little one in the belly seems to want to taste a little, just a little.”
Dr. Allen nodded slightly and said: