pose, stay here for a long time until the new members are swallowed into the book and find us. Klein was silent for a few seconds and was about to speak, but Edwina said first:

“Don’t worry about that anymore.
“We will meet the King of the North soon.”
“Why?” Anderson and Mobet asked at the same time.
Edwina looked around and said:
“Before I came in, there were only a few pages left of the travelogue.
“And now that you have come in and found the camp, more pages must have been turned, and the story is coming to an end.”
Mobet nodded invisibly and agreed with Edwina’s judgment, while Anderson muttered words such as “adhesion” in a low voice.
Edwina immediately introduced Klein, Anderson and Daniz, and sat down by the fire as a demonstration.
Klein took off his hat, put it and his cane together, sat down slowly, looked at Mobet Zoroastrian who loved to talk, and said:
“Has he heard of the Tudor Empire, the Trunsoest Empire?”
He didn’t beat around the bush and asked directly, this is Gehrman Sparrow’s character.
“No.” Mobet shook his head, “Edwina has already asked me, huh, in my time, Tudor and Trunsoest were members of the Solomon Empire just like our Zoroastrian family. A great noble, loyal to the Black Emperor.”
It turns out that the Tudor and Trunsoest families are traitors to the Solomon Empire. Klein thought for a while and said:
“Besides you, who are the other nobles in the Solomon Empire?”
“Many, many.” Mobet smiled and glanced at Long Zell, “Augustus, Abraham, Zaratul, etc., etc., etc. In my time, the Church of the Night’s mortal enemy was the Church of the God of War, the leader of the Southern Continent. The Eggers family, the Lord of Storms, the Eternal Sun, and the Church of the God of Knowledge and Wisdom are against each other, all hoping to gain the support of the Solomon Empire.”
He paused for two seconds, and his expression gradually became solemn:
“At that time, the gods walked on the earth, not the astral world.”
Grossell picked up a cup that was more exaggerated than a wooden barrel, Gulu took a sip of the melted snow water, and laughed:
“Mobet, isn’t this normal? Why are you so serious?”
“I don’t know why I have to be so serious.” Mobet Zoroaster smiled little by little, “Haha, things that are normal to us may be very scary in their eyes. It’s unbelievable. I have to Only when you tell it with a suitable expression can you achieve a satisfactory effect. Do you still remember Long Zell’s expression when he first heard us tell those stories? It seemed like he wanted to kneel down and repent to the Lord of Storms.”
“” Klein, Daniz and others didn’t know what expressions and words to use in response.
Anderson tilted his body in the direction of Gehrman Sparrow and lowered his voice:
“I feel like he has a gift as a provocateur.”
/He seemed to be controlling the volume, but his words could actually be heard by every creature present.
Mobet laughed twice without mind and continued the topic:
/“I know that you don’t quite believe in the fact that gods walk on the earth, and