Gehrman Sparrow’s”

Cattleya was silent for a few seconds and nodded:
“He turned the Hell Admiral into his marionette.”
Regardless of the previous “Admiral of Blood” or the current “Admiral of Hell”, they are all pirates with higher bounties than her. No matter how confident she is, she does not think that these two leaders in Sequence 5 will be obviously weak. to oneself
“You found out earlier than I expected.” Alger tactfully confirmed that the “Hermit’s” information was correct.
As a part of the Church of Storms’ control over the sea, he can obtain information directly from official channels.
Cattleya slightly raised her lips and said:
“If the Future is at sea, I might have to wait days, or even weeks, to find out, but I’ve been in Byam lately.”
She did not disclose the source of her intelligence.
After a pause, the “Star Admiral” asked calmly:
“What else do you know about this matter?”
“The Hanged Man” Alger shook his head:
/“I was just about to figure out the specific situation when I saw your contact sign and rushed over to meet you.”
Cattleya nodded slightly and said:
“Gehrman Sparrow and Hell Admiral did not fight. Ludwell himself gave up resistance because the man who boarded the Black Tulip with Gehrman Sparrow was called the Death Archon.”
Death Archon Alger’s pupils suddenly dilated, feeling some indescribable pressure.
Such a title is not something that just any demigod can bear.
/Moreover, that was not the other party’s self-advertisement, it was “Hell Admiral” Ludwell who took the initiative to honor him, and gave up resistance for this reason, preferring to lose his life.
Seeing that “The Hanged Man” didn’t speak, Cattleya added to herself:
“In the Path of Death, Death Archon is the name of Sequence 2. Of course, the emperors of the Balang Empire in the past will also bear this title.”
Sure enough, an angel, Alger, an angel in the “God of Death” realm, automatically ignored the latter possibility. After all, according to the “acting method”, before the demise of the Balam Empire, the emperor’s position would definitely be controlled by an angel from Sequence 2, which would allow The “Admiral of Hell” turned into Gehrman Sparrow’s marionette without any resistance, which was definitely not something that could be achieved by a mere “title”.
At this moment, Alger suddenly thought of something, something that impressed him extremely:
After “Hurricane Lieutenant General” Qilingos succeeded in escaping, he stood frozen beside the artificial lake. His face rotted rapidly, his flesh and blood fell off piece by piece, and even his eyes were detached from his head.
This was undoubtedly due to the damage caused by the powerful power of the “God of Death” field, and Alger later confirmed that this was done by Mr. Fool’s Favorite.
To be able to make a pirate general, a pirate general carrying a powerful sealed object, die so quickly and without any resistance, one can imagine the level and quality of the person who did it.
Archbishop Snake, the “Singer of God” of the Church of Storms, judged