his head had the iconic vertical one eye, he was holding a big and heavy hammer in his hand, and he walked towards the other side of the street with an upward hook at the corner of his mouth.

The humans who come and go are not afraid of him, as they seem to have seen too much.
/They even greeted the giant:
“Good afternoon, Grossell.”
Grosel’s pupils shrank when he saw the giant’s face. Klein, who was relatively blind, felt familiar.
He was about to catch up, but found that the giant turned into another street and disappeared from his eyes.
Klein stood where he was, quietly staring at the intersection of the two streets, and had some vague guesses in his mind:
“In the world of books, there is also Grossel
“No, the end of the travelogue is that Grossel died in the Frost Kingdom.
“That’s another story.”
With all kinds of doubts abounding, Klein didn’t rush to find Grossel and turned around and entered a tavern on the street.
This kind of place is often where the most confusing and complex news in a city helps him quickly grasp the overall situation.
The light in the pub was dim, the ventilation was not very good, and the air seemed a bit turbid. At this time, there were not many people coming to drink. Most of them were at the bar, chatting happily with each other and the bartender.
Klein walked over slowly, his eyes suddenly solidified.
He saw a man sitting on the side of the bar wearing a pointed black hat and an asymmetrical coat. He was good-looking, with flaxen hair, dark brown eyes, a high nose bridge and thin lips. It was Solomon. Imperial Viscount Mobet Zoroaster
Seeing him, Klein recalled the image of the “Dream Stealer” aging rapidly, falling to the ground, struggling to crawl towards the elf singer Shaitas, and holding her hand.
All this was as clear as if it happened yesterday, but now Mobet appeared in front of him again.
Klein calmed down, walked over, and sat next to Mobet.
He didn’t speak, knowing that Mobet would take the initiative to communicate.
“I’m from the Kingdom of Frost.” Klein joked casually.
Mobet burst out laughing:
/“You really know how to joke, this is the Kingdom of Frost, of course, that was many years ago.
“Ever since the legendary King of the North was killed by some adventurers, no, heroes, there has been no more ice and snow here. Everyone thinks it should be called the Land of Neverwinter now.”
Klein fell silent and did not respond.
“Why are you so serious? It seems that you have your own pain.” Mobet knocked on the bar board sympathetically, and Gulu took a sip of wine and said, “I tell you, men should never get married. This will be the beginning of a lifetime of pain for you. Do you know that when she has a slight mood swing, she will beat me up? She will beat me when she is happy, beat me when she is shy, and will beat me when she is angry. Anyway, she will beat me no matter what. I have decided that from now on, I will never reply. Home”
This was the marriage to Xiatas. Klein was silent for two seconds. He looked at Mobet’s face and found that there wer