y adaptable to such an environment.

After walking around in a circle, Mary stopped, considered it and said:
“These are all my friends.”
It means that the people over there are not invited, and it also means that I am also your friend. Klein nodded lightly and said:
“As a gentleman, I probably shouldn’t ask, but as a businessman, I must know who, or who, is competing with you for control of Coim.”
Mary was silent for two seconds and said:
“Baron Sindelas and his friends, they want to put Coim’s company on the stock exchange and make sky-high profits from it. They don’t care about how the company develops in the future.”
Baron Sindras, one of the richest people in Loen, became a noble banker, factory owner, and big businessman by donating to the Conservative Party. His position is a bit vague. Although he obtained the title through the Conservative Party, Klein, who sympathizes with the businessman and is close to the new party, thought for a moment and asked with a smile:
“Why don’t you ask Mr. Hall to help? His father is a big nobleman and a big banker. He should be able to provide the most effective help.”
Mrs. Mary smiled bitterly:
“Mr. Hall does not want to be involved in this matter. He said that he is the chief secretary of the Kingdom’s Air Pollution Investigation Committee and cannot be involved in business activities related to anthracite and charcoal.”
A gentleman who is truly interested in politics. However, he probably doesn’t want to have a bad relationship with Baron Sindras. If I had chosen another butler before, I would have established a relationship with Baron Sindras now. He is so rich. Really The price is a premium, but I can’t afford it. Haha, will there be a plot where they kill me with money? Klein didn’t ask any more questions and instead said:
“I will wait for the investigation report to come out.”
Seeing that Dwayne Dantès did not flinch directly, Mary said with a little gratitude:
“In this day and age, there are very few people with chivalry, and you are one of them.”
Klein smiled and didn’t promise anything. After the buffet, he got into his high-end four-wheel carriage and returned to the North District.
After staring at the street scene outside the window in a daze for a while, Klein suddenly turned his head and said to the valet Richardson:
/“Turn to St. Samuel’s Church.”
He had never found a definite answer to the last time a mutation occurred in the church and then calmed down immediately, which forced him to consider whether it was time to find an opportunity to contact the internal watcher.
And he remembered that every afternoon, at least one internal watcher would go to the large prayer hall to pray to the goddess.
How to make contact? In that kind of environment, even chatting seems noisy and too deliberate, which can easily arouse suspicion. Klein frowned slightly and decided to observe first and then think of a solution.
The carriage did not change direction and continued towards Burklund Street, but did not stop there and crossed directly over.
Klein clo