do not have absolute and crushing strength, the majority on the pirate ship must be better than the minority. Moreover, driving a big ship requires the cooperation of many people… These factors The cumulative effect is that the pirate team is very democratic, and every once in a while a captain is voted out or even killed by his subordinates.

“I think if the captain has absolute strength, the pirate group will definitely develop another form.”
As he wrote this, Forsi looked up and looked out the window again. Under the clear blue sky and white clouds, a market was surrounded by wooden or stone buildings densely and messily. From time to time, he could see a few buildings. A child in slightly ragged clothes skipped by.
Listening to the extremely energetic noise, Forsi wrote again:
“There is no urban planning here at all. Everyone builds houses and expands the boundaries at will, so that many roads can only be walked by one person, and there is no sunlight at all…
“This place has not been affected by the war, and although it is chaotic, it gives people a peaceful feeling.
“Also, what they fear most is not the ‘King of the Five Seas’ Nast, nor the various horror legends, but the crazy adventurer Gehrman Sparrow. Every pirate is warning each other not to drink. Drink too late, don’t walk at night, don’t go to alleys, because that may cause you to disappear, and the murderer is rumored to be that gentleman…
“Is this a hunt?”
As he wrote, Forsi’s expression gradually became serious, and he hurriedly pulled out another stack of paper, and compiled the existing content:
“…There is always a special kind of coldness in the hospital at night, and the darkness outside the window is thicker than other places…
“…No one knows why the young lady who lived in the single ward asked her relatives to bring mushrooms and weeds, and no one knows where these things went in the end. In short, there were no traces of fire in the ward. There were no discarded debris outside, which made several nurses suspect that the patient was secretly eating raw mushrooms and weeds…”
/Built on the mountain and divided into upper, middle and lower levels, afternoon town is in the camp established by Baiyin City.
Derrick Berg clasped his hands together, put them in front of his mouth, and recited in a low voice:
“A fool who does not belong to this era…”
After reciting piously, he stood up, picked up the ancient cross covered with patina and had spikes, and walked towards the bonfire outside.
——Because the “Dark Cross” excludes other magical items, his giant hammer called “Thunder God’s Roar” can only be carried by Haim and Joshua for the time being.
During the gathering of the Silver City exploration team, Klein, who was in Backlund, had already arrived above the gray fog. He picked up the “Poseidon Scepter” and used the expansion and contraction of one of the crimson stars to see the afternoon town. situation and expand their horizons to the “Giant King’s Court”.
/——If he did not use the “Prayer Light Spot” and the “P