o stay in this wilderness, even if the man is willing, the woman is not willing.”

o stay in this wilderness, even if the man is willing, the woman is not willing.”
“You mean, we use a spaceship to tempt him to surrender?”
“Yes, Your Highness, we need him. Rich wilderness survival skills can improve our predicament. Of course, we need them to understand the situation outside before they rush to the Gale Grassland. The veteran believes that they should have a clear understanding of the current situation in Zhuoer City. ”
“But, but before. Not long after we failed, we did not have the same negotiating conditions.” Prince Morton was a little hesitant.
“We are not begging them, but giving them alms. Your Highness, at this time, a spaceship seat is very precious…” The old man was obviously much thicker-skinned than Prince Morton and said indifferently.
“Okay, forget it for today. We have plenty of time. We will send someone to communicate with him tomorrow and discuss cooperation.” Prince Morton thought for a moment and said.
“It’s okay, let them have a good rest, they can’t walk after being hung all night, the poor children.”
/Next, Prince Morton regretted it to death, because the smell of the fish soup made him haunted, And the singing and dancing that followed made him feel like he was going crazy.
Look at the kind of life you live, and then look at the kind of life others live. There is no comparison!
I am a prince and my status is respected. Not only do I live like a beggar, but I also eat those tasteless compressed foods and nutritional solutions all day long. The most painful thing is that there is not even a woman around me. Failure, failure, such a failure. !
Imagining that at the other end, a young man was drinking fragrant fish soup and gnawing on the oily golden roast mutton, with a proud expression, Prince Morton had the urge to beat his chest and feet. This painful torment continued. Prince Morton was tortured until the singing suddenly disappeared, and then the orange bonfire also went out.
what’s going on?
“A large number of people are approaching this way.” Just as Prince Morton was listening, Tony appeared at the door of the tent like a ghost. Tony’s face was a little pale, but he was in good spirits and his stern eyes were still bright. .
“A large number?” Morton was stunned.
“Yes, a large number. I don’t know the details, but the number must be a lot. It’s too dark to estimate the specific number of people. It is estimated to be around a hundred people.”
“A hundred people. If so many people can escape here, they must know the situation outside. Moreover, they should have enough food, contact them immediately!”
Prince Morton stood up excitedly. There is always a sense of security in large numbers.
“The purpose of the other party’s coming is unclear, let’s not act rashly, Your Highness!” The old man sitting on the floor also stood up, with a cautious expression on his face.
“Dr. Wayne is right, Your Highness.”
“Well, that’s fine, Tony, you first arrange to contact them and test them before making a decision.” Prince Morton is not a man who insists