A few meters before his eyes was the Qi La Mask. He accelerated hard and grabbed the mask with all his strength.

A few meters before his eyes was the Qi La Mask. He accelerated hard and grabbed the mask with all his strength.
But the distance between him and the mask seemed to suddenly become infinite, and there was no way he could go any further.
“Damn it!! Lu Qiaoqiao!!” He became furious, and golden light appeared all over his body again.
Countless golden lights turned into golden snakes and rushed towards Lu Qiaoqiao, and everything around them slowed down instantly.
“Fragments of the ancient artifact? Do you think I’m afraid of you?!” Lu Qiaoqiao’s face turned pale. It was obvious that using the magic of cause and effect to block the ancient artifact was too much of a load on her.
But now it’s about seeing who can hold on.
Even if the ancient artifact is just a fragment, not everyone can use it. The amount of Taiqing Water True Yuan required for one use is an astronomical figure for an ordinary fifth-level perfection monk.
It just depends on who can hold on until the end, between her and Yuanxiashanren.
Lu Qiaoqiao and both of them saw the black shadow almost at the same time, but it was too late.
When the two were dueling, a tiny black shadow on the side was moving towards the mask silently.
When the golden light and the white disk clashed, the black shadow took advantage of the situation and jumped up. Taking advantage of the momentum generated by the collision and explosion, it pounced on Kira Mask.
/The black figure grabbed the mask and pulled it down. Then he quickly put it into his arms and shot it into the distance.
At this time, at the entrance of the red light, Zeng Zhuo and Murong Jun somehow ran back and appeared at the entrance.
They happened to run into the black shadow rushing towards them.
The two of them were caught off guard and were hit by a black shadow.
The black shadow didn’t expect someone to block the way, so he accidentally bumped into it.
/The mask flew high into the air.
Lu Qiaoqiao rushed forward, flying toward the mask like an arrow. The extreme realm around her opened up, and everything turned into gray. The mask solidified in mid-air, and was the only color in the entire gray extreme realm.
“Don’t even think about it!”
The Yuanxia Mountain Man’s body was covered with golden clouds, and he released countless golden snakes again. He was one step faster than Lu Qiaoqiao, and he grabbed the mask with one hand.
Lu Qiaoqiao also gritted her teeth and reached out her hand unwillingly to take a picture of the mask.
Both hands stretched out at the same time, grabbing the mask from a distance.
The distance is getting closer, getting closer.
In an instant, a long red sword was placed in front of the two of them in the air, blocking Kira’s mask, which was less than half a meter away.
A slender figure turned around and appeared in front of the two of them, gently stretched out his hand and pinched the flying mask.
“It’s you!!”
Yuanxiashanren’s eyes widened.
Lu Qiaoqiao was also stunned and could not react.
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