the eyes to keep out the water flow.

the eyes to keep out the water flow.
/Either way, I’m at a disadvantage because I haven’t read the book. My knowledge of underwater pressure is ridiculous. Just when I opened my eyes slightly, the air film shattered. Then there was a lot of water in the eyes, which made it more and more spicy. I subconsciously stretched out my hand to rub it, forgetting that I was still swimming. This was great. My body immediately sank. Fortunately, there was air to support my body, otherwise I would have fallen into the water during the struggle.
But misfortunes never come singly. I just wanted to swim upstream and find a way to breathe on the surface of the water, but at this critical moment, my body seemed to be caught by something, and then a brute force held my body up quickly. Pulling it backwards, I felt like I was sitting on a volcano car in an amusement park. He couldn’t control his body and kept throwing it forward.
“Don’t” I wanted to shout, but so much water poured into my mouth that I choked and couldn’t speak.
And just then. My consciousness gradually began to blur, and in the end I could only hear the sound of rolling water in my ears, as if I was trapped in a dark deep altar, and the surrounding light slowly dimmed.
When I woke up again, I was already lying on the shore. superior. My whole body was dripping wet, and the wooden box was left far behind. I shook my head, stood up from the ground with a pale face and cold body, and coughed a few times. Vomited out a lot of water in the lungs.
/How did you get to the shore? I remember that I seemed to be grabbed by something in the water, and then dragged all the way, and then lost consciousness. How could this happen?
I felt heavy. This is the most embarrassing battle I have fought since I returned to the circle. I thought it would be no problem to deal with a big monster, but I frightened the Monkey King on the Monkey Mountain without even making a move. He was still complacent about surrendering and becoming his servant. However, the current situation is huge. It was beyond my expectation. Wiped his face. At this time, I heard a cough from behind, so I turned around and saw that Shi Qing was lying not far from me, having just woken up. But things don’t seem to be going well.
I hurried up and was about to ask, but I saw a big gash in his stomach and his clothes were covered in blood, which was shocking when the blood melted into a large area when exposed to water.
I hurriedly bent down and took off his clothes. I saw that the wound was more serious than I thought, and there was more than one wound. There were three wounds in total. Two were relatively shallow, and one had cut open the stomach. The weapon could see the intestines. Shi Qing groaned in pain, but even though he was so seriously injured, he still did not let go of the red tiger in his hand, and was still ready to fight.
“Be careful.” I carried him on my back, but he kept wailing when I touched the wound. When I touched my mobile phone, such a modern thing would be useless if it got soaked