r, I don’t know what happened. What happened?”

r, I don’t know what happened. What happened?”
I ran to the iron gate in surprise and said.
I saw several guards running outside, and then heard panicked voices. I could see a man being carried out against the iron door. It looked like his whole body was covered in blood, but his face was not visible, but his exposed hands were It was blue-purple, and there were even patches of blood-like spots on it.
“What’s going on?”
Brick asked standing behind me. We were not the only ones watching the fun. Several guards carried the man further and further away, but I vaguely saw a figure standing in the corridor of the cell. It was an unclear shadow, light gray, short and short, looking like a girl. But why is there a girl in this cell? But she slowly turned her head and looked at me. Her eyes were dark, and there were two bloody tears under her eyes. Her face was covered with knife wounds, and she opened her mouth to reveal bloody teeth! Next to him, a gray aura like wings spread out, which was really strange.
/I was startled and took a step back unconsciously.
“What’s wrong, brother?”
Brick asked me strangely. But when he saw my face, his expression changed drastically. He pointed at me and said, “Brother, why is there blood on your face?”
I was startled by what he said. I reached out and touched my face, right on my nose. He was bleeding continuously and couldn’t stop it. His head was getting hotter and hotter. He staggered up and then fell down all of a sudden.
“Brothers, brothers”
I heard Brick shouting to me, and then I couldn’t hear anything and passed out.
/When I woke up, I was lying on the bed in the infirmary. The doctor was standing next to me. I had a needle in my hand and was injecting an intravenous drip.
“Doctor, what’s wrong with me?”
I asked strangely.
“You just suddenly started to bleed. I gave you some simple treatment. Maybe your injury hasn’t healed yet.”
He said without looking up.
“Oh, doctor, thank you. Ouch, why does my head hurt so much?”
It felt like my head had been torn and then sewn back together. It hurt like hell. It was as if the door to my brain that I had forced open was now completely shattered and could no longer be closed.
“You should take a rest, but don’t think about being released on medical parole. I’ll give you some painkillers, and I’ll ask them to give you less work these days.”
Living in the house doesn’t mean living and eating for free. You also have to work. It’s some physical work or manual work, and it also has indicators. The doctor said this because he was afraid that I would pretend to be sick and eventually escape on medical parole.
“Well, thank you.”
I lay down and pinched my forehead. It was fine before, but why did I have physical problems when I saw that strange little girl? And what happened to that little girl? Was what I saw an illusion? Or is it a real ghost?
The more I thought about it, the more something felt wrong. People were dying one after another in the cell for no apparent reason. This didn’t seem right.