er party used it. I was so lucky that I couldn’t lose no matter how hard I fought, so I just put it off.

Qonaskerg, who has dark blue eyes and almost black hair, and a hair style that is rare for senior people, walked up to Dwayne Dantès with a glass of champagne and said with a slight smile:
“You have great luck and courage today.”
If it means that after accepting a “bribery”, the next hand is often folded, and one would rather lose the blind bet, then it depends not on luck, but on knowledge… As for other times, when I play a game of cards with you, I will almost lose the ” “Winner” Enuni’s luck accumulated in the past few days has been used up… Klein shook the cup filled with light gold liquor in his hand, sighed and smiled:
“For a person who doesn’t care about the result, of course he has nothing to fear no matter how he fights.
“Haha, praise the goddess!”
He was using a Loen-style implicit expression to express that he was mainly here to lose money today. His good luck was the blessing of the gods and had nothing to do with himself.
Qionas didn’t lose much tonight, only one or two hundred pounds. Although this was a lot compared to his apparent salary, for a major general and deputy director of MI9, a hidden demigod For him, salary was only the most insignificant part of his income, so he didn’t care and shook his head with a smile:
“Human beings are always unable to see through the destiny.
/“You’re an interesting guy and it’s nice to meet you.”
His last words, half praise and half polite, marked the end of the conversation.
However, after Klein “performed” all night just to get to know this demigod of the “Black Emperor” path, how could he just give up? He first responded, “Nice to meet you too,” and then asked for advice seemingly casually. road:
“Your Majesty, Major General, do you know anything about the manor on the outskirts of Backlund? It would be best to have a forest for hunting.”
According to the information Klein received from Miss Justice, Major General Qonaskorge, the deputy director of the department, does not like to hold various banquets, dances, Salons rarely accept invitations in this regard.
/His preferences are very simple. First, he likes to smoke cigars, especially the “Chief Cigar” produced in the Miconte region of East Bayram – which is recognized as the best cigar in the world. Second, he likes to play cards, mainly Texas. He loves hunting, and often goes hunting in the suburbs of Backlund and even in Ahowa County, East Chester County and other places in autumn and winter.
Originally, Klein had planned to buy the manor just to spend money to integrate into the upper class society. He had not considered this aspect yet. After meeting Qonaskorge today, he temporarily added the corresponding requirements, hoping to arouse the other party’s interest. When the time comes, you might be able to invite the deputy director of MI9 to go hunting in the countryside together, spend a pleasant weekend, and look for opportunities to do something.
Qonaskorg took a sip of champagne