f the politicians in the U.S. government and Congress. Will it hurt to swing a sharp weapon against another country, your face?

f the politicians in the U.S. government and Congress. Will it hurt to swing a sharp weapon against another country, your face?
“Uncle Li, tell the CEO’s office that if there is an emergency in the future, I will fly a big airplane like a 747!”
Now that I’m rich, I have to be pretentious!

Six hours later, when a Boeing 737 began circling over Beihai Fucheng Airport.Capital
International Airport.
A girl slowly walked out of the station.
She has medium-length black hair, casually draped over her shoulders, with moderately slanted bangs just across her eyelids, long eyelashes blinking, watery eyes that seem to be talking, and a small nose of moderate height. , with a pink face and moist lips that make people want to take a bite.
Elegance yet strength, calmness yet aura, Wen Jing is back.
“Dad!” Seeing the cultural boss, this academic girl rushed forward and jumped into the arms of her father whom she had not seen for a long time. The unprecedented treatment made the cultural boss grin to the sky.
/Poking her head out from her father’s arms, Wen Jing asked the young woman beside her: “Auntie, boy or girl?”
“Boy!” The young woman looked at Wen Jing, the joy in her eyes almost overflowing, and grabbed the young woman’s hand. The girl’s hand, “Xiao Jing, come and touch it. I know my sister is coming back soon. The little guy has been dishonest!”
“Yeah~” Wen Jing smiled and touched it for a while, then she held the cultural boss with one hand and her stepmother with the other. , walked towards the airport gate.
“Let’s go home!”
/“Okay, go home!”
“Dad, where is Zhao Song?”
“…” The cultural boss hesitated and said uncertainly: “He seems to have gone to Beihai to treat people to dinner.”
“What?” Wen Jing stopped and looked at her father in disbelief. Does the richest man still need to travel so far to invite people to dinner?

The same pick-up scene also appeared at Beihai Fucheng Airport.
The man who had just turned thirty stepped forward and greeted Zhao Song respectfully.
In some international companies, the president and CEO are the same person, and most of the time they are two people. In terms of power, the president is less than the CEO. But in Shenzhou, whether intentionally or unintentionally by those shareholders, the president, CEO, and chairman of Shenzhou are all Zhao Song!
“General manager!”
“Cheng Yanghui, how are you?” Zhao Song asked directly the question he was concerned about without being polite.
Cheng Yanghui, who was once the person in charge of Pengcheng in Beihai, is now the general person in charge of Shenzhou’s Xiguang branch.
“Chairman, according to your request, I have communicated with the chief director, the person in charge of Beihai Telecom and ZTE, saying that you have arrived and we are hosting a banquet for everyone tonight!”
He motioned to a guy to lead the way. Cheng Yanghui, Zhao Song and his party People talk as they walk.
“This is the best restaurant here. Their chef and I have already prepared a menu for the chairma