can’t answer you on this point. Because we are also investigating.”

can’t answer you on this point. Because we are also investigating.”
“But since you are investigating, it means that you believe or guess that there are gods in this world. Right? Is there such a thing? The existence of gods? ”
When I said this, I remembered the experience I had on the roadside after being drunk, the old man who looked mysterious, and the situations that kept happening to me since the old man appeared. It was as if there really was a god secretly controlling everything, including my life.
“Some things are confidential and I’m not comfortable revealing them to you. But there are no absolutes in the world, and many things can’t be explained clearly. I think you’d better treat the wound as soon as possible. Yuhou, we will return the body to you after research, but we need a certain amount of time. “How long
will it take? I can’t keep the sponsor behind me waiting for too long, and if you get the secret from Yu Hou, I hope you can share it with us.
” Such legends, after all, the Chinese people yearn for the word “gods” from the bottom of their hearts.
“It will take about a month, but we can’t tell you the secrets we have. It’s better for you to know a little bit.”
He definitely didn’t want to share it. I had guessed this earlier, so I just said it casually to take advantage of it. In a word, he won’t force me if he doesn’t agree.
“One month, I understand, you should try your best to speed up.”
He left Lai Guodong’s house. He walked in the direction of Situ’s car.
Under the guidance of the staff, they walked into the house. Fatty and the others were lying in the huge bathtub one by one. There seems to be some Chinese medicine in the bathtub.
“Brother Shan. It’s very comfortable in here. Come and take a bath. I feel better and more comfortable.”
Luo Qiong said with a contented face while lying in the bathtub.
“This is a special Chinese medicine powder. It can speed up the healing of your body and is of great benefit to people.”
Situ stood nearby smoking a cigarette. After seeing me taking off my clothes and soaking in it, he handed me a small cup of white wine.
“Drink it, it will revive your blood.”
After I nodded and took it, he said, “Actually, I didn’t expect you to survive. No matter how you look at it, you will die at the hands of Yu Hou. Have you met our leader?”
/“Lai Guodong? I saw it, it’s unfathomable,”
I said honestly.
“Other people use the metaphor of the sea to describe a person’s height, but our leader is suitable to use the metaphor of a mountain. If you really want to talk about it, he is like a giant mountain, which makes people unable to see through.”
Situ smoked a cigarette and sat with me. In the past, it was hard to imagine that a person like him could appreciate others.
“Your leader said that his subordinates are all strange people. What skills does your brother Situ have?”
Luo Qiong suddenly interrupted and asked.
“Me? I’m just a person who takes care of the aftermath, so I don’t have any skills.”
Situ waved his hand.
“That’s not n