Is this a phobia of loneliness before going abroad? Zhao Song had a headache.
“Senior Wenjing, as you have seen, I am also quite busy today.”
Wen Jing suddenly laughed and said, “Zhao Song, I’m not a fool. I’ve seen a lot of bad things at home. I just want to make friends with you.”
Thinking about the watch on her wrist, Zhao Song nodded and said, “Senior Wen Jing, if you are free in the past two months, you can come to me. I am usually only available in the afternoon.”
This girl just wants to show off to him. If you really come here, just be a free counter girl!
Zhao Song rode a three-wheeler towards the east gate of Beijing University.
Total assets: 310,000
Zhao Song finally understood why Qiu Shan’s boyfriend abandoned the pair of volleyball players and ran away.
“Song’er, where are you? I’m thirsty.”
“Song’er, I’m hungry.”
“Song’er, I’m sleepy.”
Zhao Song replied: “Auntie, are you dead?”
/“Song’er, sleep with me tonight.”
Zhao Song expressed his respect with hardness: “Did you drive me away when you’re done?”
“Song’er, how about I get a cat?”
No, either one of you is annoying the other to death, or one of you is scratching the other to death.
In the past, Zhao Song would definitely be bossed around, but now, Zhao Song ignored her.

Zhonghai Market.
/There was still an hour before closing time. Due to pressure from many parties, the store began to release a small amount of goods. Some merchants were happy, but there were still some merchants who were full of resentment and did not accept the goods.
Anyway, you are already shameless, so I will be shameless again and wait until the 32M memory in my hand is rented out before taking it back. Suppliers are indispensable, there are only so many now, love or not.
The counter against the south wall of Zhonghai Electronics Market has an office. Although it is not a prime location, it is still a place that shows its strength.
The second uncle put down the phone: “Li Pei said that the government will release specific news tomorrow afternoon. This year’s government procurement will be carried out in the form of some branded machines and some upgraded accessories.”
“He asked us to ship the goods the day after tomorrow. Just in case, we will ship them tomorrow.”
The second uncle continued: “Yuanyuan, I’ll see Zhao Song again later and try to see if I can get the 32 RAM from Zhao Song’s hand. The whole market is watching him these two days, trying to raise the price of 32 RAM before closing.” point.”
Yuanyuan nodded. At this time, the young man who had been chatting with Yuanyuan interrupted: “Second uncle, can I accompany Yuanyuan to see Zhao and Song in Zhonghai?”
The second uncle glanced at him cryptically: “Jia Wei, go over and talk to him. We have no grudges with him.”
Wei Jiawei, the legendary son of Uncle Wei, asked Zhao Song to speed up his escape from the round BMW man.
Yuanyuan didn’t say anything and walked out minding her own business. She was having a hard time these days. She hated Zhao Song more and more for ca