t be just us . One generation, our next generation will only live forever.

t be just us . One generation, our next generation will only live forever.
In the warm summer wind, Zhao Song took the personal phone call from the little secretary,
“Hello, Mr. Lin.
“I have an intention to cooperate. I wonder if Mr. Lin is interested in hearing about it? ” ”
“No, not at all. “As expected, he gritted his teeth.
Zhao Song snickered and said: “If Mr. Lin agrees, then from today on, I will personally fully support Mr. Lin in attending various semiconductor seminars.
“What? ” ”
Don’t choke to death,” Zhao Song waited anxiously.
“What kind of cooperation?” ”
” In the next two years, I will serve as a chair professor at Capital University of Information Science and Technology. Through various forms such as seminars, summer schools, and international conferences, I will attract more well-known scholars in the field of scientific research, and have in-depth cooperation and exchanges with teachers and students of the school to provide teachers and students with more information. “There are many opportunities for international exchanges and scientific research cooperation,” Zhao Song said softly, “During this period, it will not affect Professor Lin’s tenure at Bayji Electric. ”
Wanji Electric is a bastard.
Zhao Song secretly cursed that even the person he chose to be the helmsman of Huahong Future could only make it into the top ten of Bayji Electric’s talent pool. You can imagine how terrifying this company is!
” Can! ”
The other side did not think for long before a low roar came out.
Zhao Song smiled happily: “Then I will wait for Professor Lin in the capital! ”
He was answered with a very impolite hang-up sound.
Zhao Song, who was in a good mood, didn’t care. He threw the phone to the secretary and quietly enjoyed the scenery in front of him.
Of course, appreciating the scenery was fake. It was true that he wanted to make a sharp turn. His plan to overtake in the high-end equipment field was completely ruined. Zhao Song had already expected
, but he just wanted to try. Sure enough, Zhao Song’s fantasy was that 9999. Based on the current overall scientific research of the flower grower, it was simply a fantasy,
so why did he come to Shanghai
without the second preparation
The high-end field requires long-term accumulation, but in another life, many people did not know that in a certain industry chain in the field of integrated circuits, flower growers occupied more than 60% of the monopoly position from the source production equipment to the terminal market.
It is the field of integrated circuits!
“Old Qin.”
“Here you are.”
“Call Wen Zhenwen and Liao Yingzhu.”
Zhao Song said leisurely, “Tell them, don’t let the old professor endure, and sign it tonight.”
Qin Han asked in surprise: “What to sign?”
“Investment agreement.” Zhao Song said with a smile, “Steel Ben and Top? So what? I attracted the attention of those who made the decision to reduce the pressure on the old professor and make the company’s equity structure simpler.”
Qin H