album the girl was holding was scattered on the floor.

album the girl was holding was scattered on the floor.
The hall fell silent instantly.
During the live broadcast, the barrage disappeared.
Everyone looked at that person nervously.
Zhao Song glanced at the head of the bodyguard who looked as if nothing had happened. He turned around, squatted down, and looked at the little girl with a smile on his face.
“Uncle, I’m sorry, I bumped into you accidentally.”
“It’s okay, kid, did uncle hurt you?”
/Who doesn’t like beautiful and cute children? Seeing the little girl, Zhao Song’s gloomy mood suddenly became cheerful. stand up.
So, under the cover of a hidden camera, he helped the little girl pack up the picture album on the ground.
Until he saw a separate piece of A4 paper with a music score on it, a song!
Zhao Song realized something. This time, he was really speechless.
Pretending to glare fiercely at the smiling little girl, Zhao Song raised his head and looked around, and immediately discovered several hidden cameras.
the little girl greeted pitifully with her big cute eyes.
Zhao Song glanced at the radio microphone in the girl’s lapel and smiled.
He squatted down again, rubbed the little girl’s head, and asked softly:
“What song is this?”
The little girl said in a sweet voice:
“Me and my motherland!”
As soon as he finished speaking, beautiful music sounded. .
The crowd quickly gathered around.
During the live broadcast, barrages broke out.
Professor Yang Yin played the violin and came to Zhao Song.
The friends who reunited after a long separation looked at each other and smiled. Zhao Song generously took the wireless microphone handed over by the little girl and sang along with the music:
“My motherland and I can never be separated for a moment.

From the richest man to a hard-working sanitation worker, From Professor Yang Yin to the airport ground staff, they performed together in a flash mob of “My Motherland and Me”.
Starting from this day, a large-scale patriotic propaganda broke out across the country.
/“Flash mob action is a kind of performance art that is purely funny or worshiped for several years.”
“The first flash mob action in history originated from Zhonghai Electronics Mall in Beijing in 2000.”
“Planned by Zhao Song, with the participation of university alliances, advanced College flash
mobs , which are still active in various fields, implemented a large-scale product marketing event that was broadcast live on Beijing TV.
“The event changed from the beginning and evolved into a large-scale patriotic song singing scene.” From then on, it began to sweep the world and became a landmark event in China’s cultural export.
In addition to the large-scale pop-up event of “My Motherland and Me” that was broadcast on the news channel of the China People’s Broadcasting Station for eight consecutive days, countless official self-media accounts. It seems that they have mastered the traffic password and are rummaging through their own inventory.
From Zhonghai Electronics Mall to Tesla’s launch,