y signs on the surface…

“I currently have only thirteen virtual personalities…
“‘Manipulators’ can also create terrible ‘spiritual plagues’, using the sea of ??collective subconscious to infect various mental illnesses and extreme madness…
“Well, ‘shock’ has become a large-scale ‘mind deprivation’, and it no longer only has the effect of shock…”
“I can also turn my designated thoughts into a ‘spiritual storm’ that sweeps around and affects all enemies…
“Haha, as a ‘Manipulator’, the ability to swim in the sea of ??collective subconscious is definitely necessary. This is called ‘Conscious Walking’. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I go through complicated operations to reach the predetermined place slowly like before. , the target has already left…” Audrey looked at herself in the mirror and suddenly showed a faint smile.
Then, she puffed up her cheeks and opened her mouth as if she wanted to spit something out.
Since her mythical creature form is a psychic dragon, it must have breath.
This can directly stimulate and damage the target’s mental and spiritual bodies. It is a range-type, enhanced version of “mental piercing”.
Audrey immediately turned her green eyes slightly, withdrew her gaze, and sighed in her heart:
“This is a demigod. These abilities make me feel scared… and how powerful Mr. World is who can kill Hvin Rambis…”
/Above the gray fog, inside the ancient palace.
/As the participants in the hunting operation prepared one after another, they decided to organize a private gathering to discuss the specific details.
“‘Manipulator’ is so scary?” “Magician” Forsi looked at Miss Justice beside him and blurted out in shock.
Just now, “Justice” Audrey briefly mentioned her changes after becoming a demigod. Although she did not go into details in order to protect her cards, she still let “Magician”, “Hermit” and “Judgement” and “Xingxing” were shocked for a while.
“It’s actually not that scary. Mr. World knows it very well.” Audrey cast her gaze at the bottom of the mottled long table.
“The World” Gehrman Sparrow did not nod, but said “hmm”:
“I also have powerful helpers to kill Hvin Rambis.”
He paused and then said:
“Before discussing the hunting operation, I would like to know how to make the Abraham family feel my kindness?”
Note 2: Adapted from Ebba Browning, “The Cry of the Children”
Note 3: Adapted from Thomas Hood, “The Bridge of Sighs” and Tennyson, “The Lotus Eater”
friendly? Hearing “The World” Gehrman Sparrow’s question, “Magician” Forsi almost doubted his ears.
The pieced-together Mr.
Just when Forsi was thinking about making up a good excuse, “Justice” Audrey glanced at her next to her, looked at “The World” Gehrman Sparrow with a smile and said:
“The important thing that makes the Abraham family feel your kindness is not what you do, but what Miss Magician writes in the letter.”
Yes, unless I appear directly in front of Miss “Magician” and her teacher, his understanding of me will only be limited to various rumors and the things Miss “Magician” told him… As