ent plan, it was obviously more appropriate to delay the attack.

ent plan, it was obviously more appropriate to delay the attack.
“A pair of idiots! Do you have to kill a few of them to be honest? Kneel down!” Cao Yi did not take back his sword and shouted at Wang Decheng again.
“There’s no need to be so deceptive, right? We’ve already agreed to what you said, so what else can we do?” Wu Lei replied to Cao Yi with some grievances.
If Mr. Liu was here, how could he allow such people to run wild here? Unfortunately, there has been no news since Mr. Liu went out to do a mission in Evil Dragon Bay a few days ago. It is estimated that he will not be able to come back for a while. They can only stay in the Novice Village community and follow Mr. Liu’s instructions before leaving. Training Corps.
I never thought that a strong man would come to the door today, smash the door without any reason, injuring the team members at the door, destroying Wang Decheng’s fog armor and forcing the two of them to kneel down in public.
“Yes, you have something to say!” When Wang Decheng heard what Cao Yi said, he felt a little embarrassed on his face. How could a man kneel down to anyone casually when he has gold under his knees?
“Would you rather die than surrender, right? Okay, I’ll let you rather die than surrender!” Cao Yi immediately slashed with another sword light, striking Wu Lei’s body, and immediately completely destroyed the fog armor outside Wu Lei’s body.
The comparison of strength between the two sides is really too great. If Cao Yi takes action again at this time, Wang Decheng and Wu Lei will die immediately.
“Stop taking action! I kneel! I kneel!” Wang Decheng knelt down with shame and humiliation. Facing a strong enemy, in order to prevent more casualties in Novice Village when Master Liu was away, he had to bow to Cao Yi. .
“I won’t kneel! Just kill me!” Wu Lei looked at Cao Yi hatefully.
/“Don’t kneel? Let me see if you kneel or not!” Cao Yi swept Wu Lei’s knees with a sword as fast as lightning, and immediately cut off both of his calves at knee level. Wu Lei screamed and fell to the ground. , but still tried to support his body with his arms.
Cao Yi’s backhand slashed down with another sword as fast as lightning, cutting off one of Wang Decheng’s arms, causing Wang Decheng to scream in pain.
“Do you remember who I am?” Cao Yi raised Wang Decheng’s chin with his sword and asked him.
“Remember, you are Cao Yi.” Wang Dede endured the pain of his broken arm, sweat dripping from his forehead.
“That’s right! I am Cao Yi! I will let you understand that Cao Yi never talks empty words! I like to attack those who think they have outstanding abilities! You are not worthy!” Cao Yi laughed and talked with the two black men. The people in clothes walked away together.
“Which of you idiots dare to disobey my orders again? I, Cao Yi, have a hundred ways to make it impossible for you to survive in the Trembling World! From now on, you all will stay in the camp honestly! Stop attacking Ningjing City. Idea! That’s not a place for you ants to get involved in!”
“If Master ha