erson is responsible for finding the last two runes!” Anna put Zhang Mengdi in front of Liu Gan and replied to Jiang Jinyuan.

erson is responsible for finding the last two runes!” Anna put Zhang Mengdi in front of Liu Gan and replied to Jiang Jinyuan.
“Let’s go!” Guo Tian rushed in first.
Qianzhou hesitated as he looked in the direction of the magic cabinet, but it was hard to say no at this time. He could only rush towards the magic cabinet with the three of them, and surrounded the magic cabinet, one person responsible for searching for the last two characters.
/Each side of the magic cabinet is about two meters high and half a meter wide. Except for a palm print in the middle area and some strange mechanisms with no runes on each side, the rest of the sides are covered with runes.
The number of runes on each side of the magic cabinet reaches hundreds. There are a total of one or two thousand runes on the four sides. It is really difficult to find the last two runes among the one or two thousand runes of different styles. It’s not an easy task. It’s hard to imagine how Zhang Mengdi found and pressed the first thirty runes in just over two minutes.
“Have you memorized those two runes clearly? Everyone is looking for them quickly! Don’t press them after you find them. At least two people have confirmed them together before pressing them! Remember the order! Don’t press the wrong ones!” Jiang Jinyuan was searching on his side. While saying a few words to the other three people.
“Okay!” The other three responded to Jiang Jinyuan and quickly searched for runes on their side from top to bottom or from left to right.
“You have to come out within one minute! Let me tell you the time!” Liu Qian shouted outside.
“I know!” Liu Qian replied inside.
“I found one! It should be the thirty-first one!” Qian Zhou shouted after more than ten seconds.
“Let me come over and take a look!” Jiang Jinyuan quickly went around to check, and it turned out that it was indeed the thirty-first rune. After confirming it, the two pressed it down.
/After pressing down the rune, a green light emitted from the gap around the block, accompanied by a gentle sound of music. It was obviously a warning sound for the correct button press, not an incorrect warning sound.
“The thirty-first is confirmed, now we are going all out to find the last one!” Jiang Jinyuan shouted to Anna and Guo Tian, ??and quickly returned to his own side to continue searching.
“The last one! Where is it?” Anna searched anxiously for that side of herself. Girls are much better at identifying patterns than boys. Zhang Mengdi found the first thirty, Qianzhou also found one, Anna I felt that it would be really shameful if I didn’t find any of them.
But there was nothing she could do about it, and the last rune might not be on the counter where she was.
“One minute countdown! You must come back before the countdown ends! Eight, seven, six” Liu Gan shouted loudly while holding on to the time outside to prevent the people inside from staying too long and suffering irreversible radiation damage.
Unexpectedly, the ancient relic was right in front of him, but Liu Qian was the only one