cements are also level 2 players in Area B, and one of them is wearing an alloy armor!

cements are also level 2 players in Area B, and one of them is wearing an alloy armor!
Seeing that there was a female player here who was alone, holding a very powerful assault rifle in her hand, but she was standing there shaking. Several level 2 players in Area B who had run out of ammunition quickly dispersed and came around from the side. Want to surprise this female player and seize the assault rifle in her hand.
Mo Fan turned around and realized the danger. He subconsciously raised the muzzle of his gun, but a message saying he could not attack appeared. He was now level 3 and could not attack the level 2 players in area B who were trying to sneak attack. In desperation, he could only attack the team. The level 2 players inside yelled, asking them to rescue Ke Ming.
/Ke Ming was pulled behind because of the hesitation and delay just now. At this time, two level 2 players in Area B who came to sneak attack them had already approached her. They swung axes and other heavy weapons in their hands and slammed them on her helmet. It was smashed down, and one of them was still wearing a heavy alloy armor!
Seeing this scene, Mo Fan bit his lip and drew blood. He looked very disappointed and shook his head angrily. He was now more than ten meters away from Ke Ming, and it was already too late to rescue him. Moreover, he is now at level 3 and cannot attack the opponent’s level 2 players. Even if he wants to save her, he cannot save her.
Just when Mo Fan thought that Ke Ming was going to be fooled to death by herself, Ke Ming screamed and quickly backed away a few meters, then picked up the assault rifle in her hand and fired fiercely at the two players who tried to sneak attack her. passed. Although one of the players in Area B was wearing a full-coverage body armor, he was shot by an assault rifle at close range. He was still severely injured and suffered fractures. He fell to the ground and screamed in agony.
Another level 2 player in Area B wearing an alloy armor used his armor to bear Ke Ming’s attack and continued to rush towards Ke Ming.
/Sure enough, the alloy armor is so powerful! Invulnerable! The player felt extremely proud and raised the ax in his hand, ready to knock Ke Ming unconscious and seize the powerful assault rifle in her hand.
“Aim! Shoot!”
Liu Qian supported Wang Lujia’s hands from behind and helped her aim at the head of the player in Area B who was wearing alloy armor. After his order, Wang Lujia pulled the trigger of the assault rifle. He fired a brain energy bullet from his mouth. Just when the ax in the B area player’s hand was about to hit Ke Ming’s helmet, the shot shattered and penetrated the alloy armor helmet, and also penetrated the player’s head. , shoot him on the spot!
The defense of the alloy armor is only equivalent to that of the clone armor, and it is as vulnerable as cardboard to the attack of brain energy bullets.
The remaining level 2 players in Area B who followed found that their companions wearing alloy armor had been shot to death by the opponent. They cou