father. I have said that he is called the Three Evil Dragon Disciple in the circle.”

father. I have said that he is called the Three Evil Dragon Disciple in the circle.”
When I heard this title, I immediately reacted and said, “I know, I have the impression that he was a very famous demon cultivator in the north. It is said that he was by the river when he was young. He picked up three black eggs. He was young and ignorant and boiled the three black eggs and ate them. As a result, because the three black eggs were actually dragon eggs, he accidentally swallowed three evil dragons into his body. Therefore, He was born with the soul of a dragon and has since embarked on the path of cultivating monsters. According to rumors, no one in the northern cultivating circle dared to fight him when he was at his peak. He was a senior figure in the cultivating circle. Guaiguai, Chen Anna is his daughter. ”
/Yes, so you can imagine that as the daughter of the three evil dragon disciples, how could she be weak? Chen Anna’s own experience is also legendary. Her father swallowed three evil dragons into his body, and after giving birth to her, she became one of the evil dragons. The Qi also affected her, and it can even be said that she is the dragon girl of the evil dragon. Therefore, Chen Anna was born half-demon and half-human. She was born with a tail on her back and a body covered with wind and rain. But as she grew up, these scales gradually fell off. When she grew up, she learned to hide her tail. Old job. I don’t know how she got into 507, but she was just like you when I first saw her. Because she used magic to hide her evil spirit, in my eyes she was just an ordinary office clerk. . But after I saw her releasing her demonic energy and transforming into a demon in the collision test site, I realized how terrifying she was. And maybe it was because she was born with the evil dragon’s energy. She was usually very polite to people. But after she became a demon, she was like a crazy woman, fighting to the death. She was responsible for training Luo Qiong. I think Luo Qiong may have made the fastest progress among all of you, after all, he has to deal with a crazy person every day. ” Dragon Girl”
“What’s the difference?” I asked, wiping my mouth.
/“Master Tiger is an old acquaintance of mine. We have known each other since we were children. He was very strong when he was a child, and could sometimes work better than the adults in the village. I remember one spring, not long after the snow had just melted, we were fighting in the south. A Taoist fortune teller came. As soon as we entered the village, we saw Mr. Hu. We ran over and asked him where he was from. He was responsible for protecting the safety of a certain big shot. Then he pointed at Master Hu and said that although he could not fly to the sky and become the king, he could become the overlord in the future. At that time, we were very happy, but the adults in the family said that. The Taoist priest was a liar, but I didn’t expect that when I grew up, the Taoist priest’s words came true. I became Sha Lao’s personal guard, and Mr. Hu has been worki