without taking the initiative to ask.

without taking the initiative to ask.
“These are two types of energy with different properties. The energy of stars can maintain the life of the energy group, just like three meals a day, but it does not make the energy group stronger. If all this is traced back, it may be traced back to the universe. The moment it was formed, the Neng clan was born at that time, but I can’t find more detailed information in the memory.” The robot had a somewhat regretful expression.
“Well, it seems that I can only become stronger by swallowing it. I can’t miss this opportunity.” Liu Gan didn’t ask any more questions and issued many instructions to the Mars base to use the meteorite belt in the solar system. , Planet laid out a dragnet, just waiting for the energy group to fall into his trap.
The energy cluster arrived at the solar system seven years later than expected. As it approached, it always deviated from its original orbit from time to time, as if it was collecting some kind of energy left over from ancient times in the starry sky.
When Liu Gan was in space, he would also sense those hair-like energies, which seemed to nourish him, but because these energies were too weak, Liu Gan did not pay attention to them.
Just like a normal hungry person would not pick up the grains of rice that fell on the ground, but this energy group is just a cosmic wanderer without much intelligence. It is not selective about what it eats, and even these tiny ancient energies The refusal to let go caused it to be delayed on the road for too long.
When the energy group came to the Kuiper Belt of the solar system, its purpose was already clear. It had no interest in the sun, earth civilization, or Mars base. It came only for Liu Qian.
The fusiform exploration ship where Liu Qian was located was moving rapidly in the Kuiper Belt, and the direction of the energy group was always locked on the fusiform detection ship. Like a hungry tiger pouncing on food, it pounced on Liu Qian extremely crazily.
Its newly awakened intelligence obviously didn’t realize that this was a trap. When Liu Gan stayed motionless somewhere, its speed did not slow down at all, and it emitted strong energy fluctuations in the void of the universe that swept over the sky and the earth. Come.
This momentum made Liu Qian feel an inexplicable tremor deep in his soul. Liu Qian understood in an instant that the enemy and we were not at the same level at all. It was obvious that the other party was much stronger than him!
“Boom! Boom! Boom!”
Dozens of energy cannons built in the Kuiper Belt launched together and bombarded the energy group.
/There is no sound in the universe, but Liu Gan can convert various energy fluctuations into sound signals that he can easily understand, just like hearing sounds.
/After the energy group was hit by the energy cannon, it seemed to let out some kind of scream, and its overall energy activity level detected by the fusiform exploration ship also dropped slightly.
Liu Qian was obviously not going to fight this energy gr