humans, even saints, must use flames when walking in the darkness. Create light, otherwise you will easily be attacked by dangerous monsters lurking in the dark depths, or be swallowed up in secret, disappear silently, and never be found again.

At this time, the old cleric did not carry the animal skin lantern, and just walked through the mist in the darkness and slowly entered the interior of the church illuminated by the dim light of the horse lantern.
Of course, this normal human-like state and the performance of being immersed in darkness are so contradictory that any creature with an IQ above the standard line can easily come to the conclusion that the creature may be more terrifying than a special monster.
Klein has only seen one person before who can travel through the darkness without being affected and has enough wisdom and spirituality:
“The Blasphemer” Amon!
Feeling the dim yellow light reflected on his face, the tall old man in dark clergy robes with a slightly arched back stopped, looked at Klein next to the demon wolf statue, and asked hoarsely:
“Where is the owner of this city-state?”
Klein is the kind of person who can solve problems peacefully without fighting strangers. He raised his vigilance and answered calmly:
/“I just entered this city, and I don’t know where its owner has gone.”
As soon as he finished speaking, the entire church suddenly dimmed, and a thin mist surged in from the outside like a tide, flooding the interior.
The light of the lantern in Klein’s hand could no longer illuminate the windows and doorways. The outside world was completely dark, and nothing else could be seen at all.
/In an instant, the church enshrining the statue of the devil wolf seemed to be isolated from the ancient city of Nos, and it was unknown where it was located.
Klein’s pupils suddenly dilated slightly. He looked at the wrinkled clergyman with white hair and asked in a deep voice:
“Who are you?”
The hunched-over priest replied with a look-down attitude:
“I am the attendant beside the Lord’s throne, Steph, the Angel of the Holy Word. I walk in this place of the past on behalf of the Lord, pursuing the blasphemers hidden in the darkness.”
As he spoke, the old man’s figure suddenly swelled to four meters tall, and pieces of dark illusory feathers appeared behind him. Their light and shadow intertwined to form four pairs of deep but sacred wings.
“Angel of the Holy Word” Steve…the attendant next to the main throne…the place of the past…is this the favored person of the “True Creator”, the subordinate of the “Angel of Destiny”, and a member of the “Rose of Redemption”? No wonder he can walk in the darkness because he is protected by the “fallen” power… Is that evil god still looking for the extraordinary characteristics of the “Servant of Secrets”? Klein had to raise his head and look at Steve, who was still wearing a black clergy robe but had four pairs of angel wings. This high-ranking being still had obvious wrinkles and withered hair in his angelic state. There are many contradictory