others, and then left with Yinhe.

others, and then left with Yinhe.
/Seeing Liu Qian’s serious expression, Zhang Shengli and others knew that the situation might not be good, so they quickly urged the team to speed up and fight towards the river. If Liu Qian and Yinhe hadn’t led them to kill corpses and upgrades with extremely high efficiency in the past few days, their previous combat power would not have been enough to clear the bloody path ahead.
/After Liu Qian and Yinhe left the team, the player team’s progress became extremely slow due to the zombies on the street near the approach bridge. After advancing half a street with difficulty, the team of survivors coming out of the back door of the hospital supported the elderly and the weak. The remnants followed.
Some players turned around, holding simple shields and axes and looking warily at the chasing group of survivors. Some strong men among the survivors were also carrying spears, machetes or wooden sticks in their hands, and some were aiming their bows and arrows, ready to fight at any time.
For a moment, tensions rose in the center of the street, and everyone became extremely nervous.
“If you want to live, let’s get together! Human beings should stop killing each other needlessly!” Li Miao rushed between the two groups and shouted to both sides.
“We just want to live!” someone among the survivors shouted to this side.
“So do we! If you don’t attack us, we won’t attack you again!” Zhang Shengli and others shouted back.
“Then let’s get together!” The survivors put down their spears, machetes, wooden sticks and bows and arrows, and supported the old, weak, sick and disabled behind them and joined the player team.
The two teams mixed together and continued to fight towards the approach bridge of the bridge. Although the two groups had killed each other and deeply hated each other, now everyone only had one thought in their hearts.
That is to survive.
Liu Gan led Yinhe back from the river. His face looked even more serious than before. There were no boats at all on the river bank. It seemed that if he wanted to avoid the huge tide of corpses behind him, he could only force his way onto the bridge. . Then, before the zombies on the other side of the bridge form a zombie wave, they fight their way out and search for possible safe areas while killing them.
Seeing the survivors and players mingling together, Liu Qian immediately understood what was going on. He didn’t say anything more and drove directly ahead with Yinhe.
After Liu Qian and Yinhe opened the way in front, the team’s speed immediately accelerated a lot. The strong ones among the survivors, especially those who had just ambushed the player’s team on the roof, saw Liu Qian and Yinhe being so tough. There was a look of fear on his face.
Fortunately, I didn’t fight them just now. Once they do, other players don’t need to help. If these two killing gods rush over, no one can resist them. It will be a completely one-sided massacre!
“Throw away the bike! Speed ??up and hit the approach bridge!” Liu Gan felt that th