tions were the great benefactors of all orcs. Clough, a foreigner,

tions were the great benefactors of all orcs. Clough, a foreigner,
saw that those golden-domed orcs were completely allowed to die. Lin Yun led him into the room, and Clough was completely desperate. The golden-domed orcs could no longer count on
Lin Yun, and the leaders of each force gathered in this room. Everyone looked at the center of the room, and was hacked. Clough was bound by red flame chains, and everyone sneered.
“Tell me how to get out of here, and your life will be spared.” ”
Deidara threatened with a cold face, and a ball of orange flame floated out from beside him.
Clough looked pale and looked at the group of people with a sneer.
“You dare to kill me? Haha.”
Lin Yun looked at Clough calmly.
“Clough, you have two choices.
First, cooperate with us and tell us the methods and secrets of leaving this world. We can take you to leave together. Before leaving this world, we are in a cooperative relationship. No one will be disadvantageous to you. There will be no hatred and grudges between us. , let’s talk about it after leaving this world.
Second, you don’t have to say anything, and then I will kill you, and we will be trapped and die in this world together.
You can rest assured that I have twenty-eight ways to capture your soul after your death so that your soul cannot return to the earth or transform into an ancestral spirit. I will let your soul accompany us and remain trapped. Die in this world.
Before we die, I will make your soul completely die, and there will be no chance of turning into an undead!
You have ten seconds to make a choice, because after ten seconds, you will be dead. ”
After Lin Yun finished speaking, he stood aside and watched without saying a word. A trace of Theodus’s flame began to penetrate into Clough’s body.
In an instant, Clough screamed, and the bone-eroding black flames began to appear. It was like countless small knives, scraping off layers of bone powder from his bones bit by bit, and then burning them to ashes.
This process seemed to be happening in thousands of places at the same time, and it took less than ten seconds. , most of the bones in his body would be burned off.
In less than a second, Clover screamed and wailed,
“Cooperate!” cooperate! Damn it, I’m working with you! ”
/Clough roared four or five times before the bone-eroding black inflammation in his body slowly subsided and was reabsorbed by Theodus.
Lin Yun waved his hand and took out a contract with the contents of the contract written on it .
Come out.
Clough has the obligation to tell the way to leave this world without leaving any content, so that everyone can leave this world,
and humans cannot cause any harm to Clough before he leaves this world. Those who make the contract will be rejected by magic and will never be able to use the power of magic again. All elements will be far away.
Clough looked at the contract and sneered,
“Okay, it’s better to have a contract. You don’t believe me.” , I still don’t believe you! ”
After confirming that there were no